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Rochester College is a primarily baccalaureate college of the liberal arts affiliated with Churches of Christ and is located at Rochester Hills, Michigan.  Rochester takes a more holistic look at a student and creates a scholarly environment that stimulates students to grow academically, all the while maintaining a moral, Christian atmosphere in which students can share their faith. The college is accredited by the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission.

At Rochester College, distance learning is alive and well with popularity increasing each year such that Rochester staff recommends registering early! Online courses are growing in number and popularity at Rochester, although there are no degree programs that can be completed 100% online. With that being established, students can still accomplish most of their credit requirements for a particular major with online classes. This leaves the distance learner with the option of completing their degree on campus or transferring their credits to an online degree completion program at another college or university.

Online courses are primarily aimed at Nursing students. This most likely means that Rochester College is going to be offering a complete online Nursing education program in the near future. Some course titles offered online included, but are not limited to Writing in the APA Style, Information Literacy, Introduction to Christian Faith, Pathophysiology Across Cultures, Lifespan Development, General Psychology, and Transition to Professional Nursing.

It appears that there are currently no courses pertaining to other majors, although some courses within the Nursing major can be reapplied to other majors, like American Writing I. Courses will grow with rapid succession in the coming terms. For now, courses are best allotted to either Nursing majors, or students on campus that want to take some courses online.

Rochester College makes ardent efforts each year to supply its students with financial aid in order to curtail the cost of a higher education. 95% of students attending Rochester College are receiving institutional grants, based on religious context and academic merit, that are an average size of $5,940. External sources, like federal aid and state/local aid sources seem to fill out the rest of the gap to 100%, with 23% of students receiving federal aid and 57% of students receiving state/local aid.  In total, every student on campus is receiving non-repayable financial aid from at least one source.

That aside, cost trends aren’t terribly high, especially given the fact that Rochester College is privately funded and drawing from the resources of a single campus.  Full-time tuition rates for undergraduate and graduate students per year are $15,040 and $8,640, respectively. When enrolling full-time, education at Rochester College is within a comfortable range of affordability.  For both graduate or undergraduate students, credit hours are $480 a piece. As Rochester College grows in popularity, it is likely to be recognized as a “best value” college in the near future.

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