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The Rochester Institute of Technology is a university that is located in the metropolitan area of Rochester, New York.  RIT understands that a well organized classroom environment, proper funding, qualified and knowledgeable faculty, and academic support make a college — but, that is not necessarily enough. The institute goes the extra length to provide students with “cooperative education” a valuable education style in which students work alongside members of the profession they desire. This means that students can work on real-world business maneuvers, in faculty-assisted research, or even study abroad to gain a more immersive and relevant experience that transcends the classroom.

Distance learners can shed the classroom as well by participating in one of Rochester Institute’s numerous programs.  There are 51 online programs in total: 16 master’s degrees, 12 advanced certificates, 4 bachelor’s degrees, an associates degree, 17 certificates, and an online diploma program. If a student does not wish to declare a major or join a specific program, there is a large number of online courses to choose from.

To briefly list the online program variety, there are Masters of Science in Applied Statistics, Environmental, Health, & Safety Management, Facility Management, Health Systems Administration, Human Resource Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Imaging Science, Manufacturing Leadership, Networking & Systems Administration, Product Development, Professional Studies, Service Leadership & Innovation, and Telecommunications Engineering Technology. There are also Masters of Business Administration and Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering.

Undergraduates have the Associate of Applied Science in Applied Arts and Science and the Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Science with a few selections for concentration. There are advanced certificates for Technical Information Design, Statistical Quality, Strategic Training, Service Leadership & Innovation, Senior Living Management, Project Management, Networking & System Administration, Network Planning & Design, Health Systems Finance, and Elements of Health Care Leadership. Certificates include the subjects of Fundamentals of Manufacturing Management, International Logistics & Transportation, Professional Writing, Quality Management, Small Business Management, and Technical Communication.

Following the staggering variety of online options is a series of innovative advantages that RIT put in place to facilitate and strengthen distance learning. RIT uses a quarter system, which means years are split into 4, not 3, segments allowing students to earn their degree faster and start sooner in the year. Programs are also highly transfer-friendly allowing students to put more of their previous credits to use in earning a credential. That aside, faculty is highly accessible, technical support is readily available, and the library and database resources are expansive and massive.

Undergraduate online students that fall into the day division pay $673 per credit hour or $10,094 per quarter. Undergraduate online students that fall into the evening division pay $453 per credit hour with no full-time flat rate. Graduate students pay $924/credit hour or $11,078 per quarter. There are various financial services available to online learners including FAFSA and state aid resources. Other sources of financial aid can be achieved by applying for aid from RIT online.

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