Rockford College Distance Learning

Rockford College is a college of the liberal arts that is located at Rockford, Illinois.  Rockford College offers 70 different areas of study as well as a handful of special programs, like the return-to-college program in management studies. Students gain a grounding in liberal arts before pursuing their passions in the wide selection of programs that Rockford College features. Student to faculty ratio is a great 11 to 1, and students are encouraged to speak up in class.

Currently, Rockford College cannot offer distance education. Over the years, the college has focused its efforts towards building an optimal experience for students on campus, as a quality college would normally do. Rockford College will assuredly take the same time and careful measure in establishing an eventual distance learning program. Distance learners can expect opportunities to arise in the near future.

What should be noted about Rockford College is that every student on campus receives a contribution of financial aid from Rockford College itself. This is due to the college’s ardent efforts to reduce the cost of a higher education, through money brought from philanthropy, room and board, families, alumni, government, and external sources. The average amount of aid dispersed to each student is $11,386, according to recent yearly averages. This covers just under half of the cost of a full-time year’s worth of undergraduate education.

Educational variety is large at Rockford, with majors ranging from Biochemistry to French, to Graphic Design, or even Classics. There are also interesting minor programs to pick from including Ancient & Medieval Studies, Greek, Secondary Education (6-12), and many more. Rockford also features pre-professional programs in health-related professions, like Pre-Dentistry, and other professions, like Pre-Law or Pre-Social Work.

The Return-to-College program is an accelerated degree program designed specifically for adults. There are two degree programs: the Bachelor of Science in Management Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. These are both completion programs, meaning previous credits and credentials may be applied to shorten time spent in the program.

Graduate students have two of their own degrees to choose from. These two degrees are the Master of Arts in Teaching, and the Master of Business Administration, with a selection of attachable concentrations. Faculty that orchestrate this program are among the highest qualified professionals that teach experience alongside theory. Graduate studies are likely to be the first to spread into a distance learning environment.

Tuition rates match the quality of Rockford College. Full-time education for one year costs an undergraduate student $23,500. For a graduate student, that price drops to $15,000 per year. For either level of education, a credit hour costs $625. In assessing the cost of future distance learning programs, one can reason the price based on what is charged of students on campus. Online credits usually cost less, although some colleges charge identical rates for on-campus and online study with an additional online fee per course or credit.

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