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Rockhurst University is a university operated in the Jesuit tradition that is located at Kansas City, Missouri. Rockhurst is a comprehensive university giving students access to 50 different programs between graduate and undergraduate level education.  All of this is taught by faculty that are nationally recognized in order to give students an education that is one of leadership, lifelong learning, and service to the community.

Rockhurst University currently isn’t offering distance education, although, it may very soon. Many Christian colleges and universities, even those of Jesuit tradition, have successfully installed and featured online classes, distance degree programs, and e-Learning curriculum. It is only a matter of time before Rockhurst gathers the resources to extend its education opportunities to students on the Internet.

Undergraduate studies range from Accounting to Journalism, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Communications, or even Biology, just to name a few. There are many majors and programs of study to choose from and a variety of pre-professional programs for entry into a particular vocation or graduate schooling.  Some pre-professional programs include, but are not limited to Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medical, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Physician’s Assistant, and Pre-Law.

Generally speaking, Rockhurst models its curriculum off of seven classical means of inquiry. These are literary, artistic, historical, scientific relational, philosophical, scientific causal, and theological. All of these different approaches are integrated into the student’s educational experience and tied under the common guise of Jesuit faith and tradition. All students are taken through a core of Jesuit understanding, ethics, and values in order to fortify their learning experience with a level head, a steady heart, and a nourished soul.

Rockhurst University strives to relieve its students of the burden of financing a higher education. Due to its efforts, 96% of students are receiving financial aid in a non-repayable form directly from Rockhurst University itself. The average contract amount received from the university is $14,078, which covers over half a year’s worth of tuition for a full-time undergraduate student. Federal grants are dispersed to 18% of the student body and 28% of students receive state and/or local grants.

A full-time year of tuition for an undergraduate costs $23,760 and, for a graduate student, $11,160. Credit hours are $792 and $620 a piece for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively.  With the size of the grant for each student attending the university, undergraduates are able to receive education from Rockhurst while paying under $10,000 a year.

Overall, Rockhurst University seeks to transform the lives of its students by fostering a community rich with Catholic and Jesuit tradition. Inspiration comes from the model of Saint Ignatius of Loyola who was a fervent pursuer and achiever of justice, service, and learning. Each student carries out their role as citizens of the world, members of Rockhurst University, and as children of God.

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