Rocky Mountain College Distance Learning

Rocky Mountain College is a comprehensive college of the liberal arts that is located at Billings, Montana and is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, the United Methodist Church, and the United Church of Christ. Rocky Mountain College is a college that tries to do away with the humdrum of traditional classroom environments. Instead, students are brought face to face with challenging and intriguing professors that take them through and outside of class.

Rocky Mountain College does have distance learning, but there are no links to online classes or degree programs. This most likely means that Rocky Mountain makes use of different locations for distance learning, rather than the devices of the Internet. As a top-ranked college, Rocky Mountain is bound to offer distance learning over the net eventually.

Rocky Mountain College features 48 majors to choose from that span the diversity of 22 disciplines. In addition, there is a strong set of pre-professional programs designed to train students for rewarding careers that take place within their respective passions. Rocky Mountain proudly reports that, over the past 5 years, 99 percent of graduates have either found employment or entry into a graduate school with three months after their graduation from the college.

Rocky Mountain College itself features graduate level programs, three of them to be specific. There is the Master of Physician Assistant Studies, the Master of Accountancy, and the Master of Science in Educational Leadership. Students that have already earned their bachelor’s degree may enter into one of the three programs. Each program is designed to cover the entire topic, from theory to practice and, although Rocky Mountain College is small and relatively new to offering graduate degrees, the programs compete to match the quality of a typical graduate school.

A mutually enjoyed benefit of Rocky Mountain College is the financial aid that is given from the college itself to an average of 97% of its students. The average amount each student receives in a non-repayable tuition aid package is approximately $9,000. Federal grant aid averages $3,773 for the any of the 36% of students that receive this aid each year.  There are other forms of financial aid available, but these two sources are the main providers of aid that doesn’t have to be paid back. Many students do take out loans to finance their education.

Rocky Mountain College formats its education into a series of four-year plans which students can choose from. What this accomplishes is it establishes a clear, consistent track of learning that a student can adhere to, rather than leaving the student to fret over the certainty of his/her goals. This also creates a clear path to success that reduces the mystique of collegiate advancement to an alterable framework giving students a focused mind, but also peace of mind. When Rocky Mountain College launches its distance education programs, online students can rest assured knowing they have a secure path to traverse.

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