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Roger Williams University is a university of the liberal arts that is located in Bristol, Rhode Island. At Roger Williams, students come first in the objective to create individualized education for deserving individuals. This may be why the university has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top ten comprehensive colleges in the Northern United States.

Roger Williams University offers online courses that distance learners can use to take their education off campus and online. A common problem with online courses at some colleges is that the course material is often overlooked in rigor and pertinence, thus the course becomes a pale clone of its healthy on-campus counterpart. At Roger Williams University, distance learning classes uphold the same rigor and top standards as on-campus courses.

Roger Williams also features fully online programs. With thanks to the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership, Roger Williams can feature four bachelor’s degrees that can be completed 100% online. These degrees are the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, the Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, the Bachelor of General Studies in Industrial Technology, and the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies.

In examining one of the programs, for instance, the Criminal Justice degree, one can discern that the online programs follow the same straightforward course as a degree earned on site, with the exception of class being held online. A student starts with an introduction to the field of Criminal Justice, learns about the legality involved, progresses on to learn some of the science and investigation involved and ends with a capstone. Degrees earned online are just as valid a credential as any, distance learners need not fear.

Courses can be taken and managed asynchronously with the advanced software. In other words there is no strict schedule other than coursework deadlines and a general pace of learning that should be up-kept when learning over the net. If the student desires, the course can can be arranged for real-time conferencing and tutoring. How the course is administered depends entirely on the student’s preference.
Tuition rates for the online programs are simple. For a course (or what is considered 3 credits), the cost is $1,125 or, if the student is a member of the military, $750. There are some external fees for various purposes, but these are negligible.

There are a variety of ways for a student to procure financial aid. There are military-related funds for tuition purposes, like the Navy College Fund, Navy Tuition Assistance, Loans from either Navy College or Roger Williams University, various grants, and FAFSA. 9% of all students attending Roger Williams University are receiving federal aid and 10% receive tuition aid from state or local sources. The university itself is responsible for giving grants to 7 out of 10 students each year in a non-repayable form and with the mean amount being $9,889. Financial aid may be available to many students who apply for it.

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