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Rollins College is a private college of the liberal arts that is located at Winter Park, Florida. For six consecutive years, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Rollins College as being the number one regional college in the Southern United States. For the ten running years prior to that, Rollins was competing at a close second. This college is accredited by a variety of associations and committees, like the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Rollins College does feature distance learning, although it doesn’t appear to include the traditionally defined internet-based experience. Rollins College instead features international programs, which is a form of distance learning, although, this means sending students to an alternate location, but not accepting students in alternate locations. Online programs will be something that arises in the future.

Rollins has maintained a level of quality that accounts for the typical factors that a college depends on, but also goes beyond the page to alternative resources. Students at Rollins College have participated in internships, among other programs, for the British Parliament, Citibank, the Orlando Ballet, and many other prominent and exciting institutions/companies. Students have also been able to participate in research with faculty members in their undergraduate years. At Rollins College, education can be taken in many different, engrossing directions.

Considering the tier of quality in which the college places its students, Rollins is reasonable in price. For a year’s worth of full-time education at the undergraduate level, a student will pay $18,732 with slight, but insignificant variations in price for any given year or term. It’s graduate students that pay the extra premium, with a year of full-time education costing $28,098. Some of this higher cost probably goes along with external funding towards the college’s fantastic research facilities, labs, and other controlled environments. In turn, students benefit arguably more than what they pay.

Rollins College stresses the importance of a liberal arts education. An interesting statistic to evoke is that 38% of all American CEOs were liberal arts majors in their collegiate years. When basing one’s education in the liberal arts, one must be able to develop, expand upon, and articulate their thoughts and ideas. Rollins contributes to the development of these skills with extensive writing that is incorporated in all aspects of the student’s learning process.

The major at Rollins College that has received the most attention is Business Administration and Management. Rollins College features a staggering array of graduate studies in addition to the quality undergraduate liberal arts curriculum. It’s not uncommon to see a Rollins College student going for their Master of Business Administration, or a Master of Science in Psychology. Aside from general business majors, there is still yet interest in various professional majors, such as Economic and International Business taking up the rear. However, many students pursuing different majors have found Rollins College to be well-suited to their interests. Rollins strives to make its consortium of academics optimal for all students.

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