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Roosevelt University is a university of private status that is located in Chicago and Schaumburg, Illinois. Roosevelt sets its sights on attracting a diverse body of students from all different walks of life, for education knows no names. Students can choose from 126 different degree programs set in a progressive curriculum styling.

These majors aren’t simply limited to participation on campus, however. Students can participate in Roosevelt University’s online segment, RU Online. RU Online’s distance learning programs don’t make the classic mistake of focusing on education technology while missing the point of teacher-student interaction. Instead, students feel right at home (literally) and can flex theirĀ  schedule around to meet any demands. RU Online is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

RU Online features an enticing array of studies at the undergraduate and graduate level. There are degrees that can be earned 100% online, and there are also undergraduate or graduate certificates. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned in the majors of Organizational Leadership, Psychology, Sustainability Studies, Commerce & Enterprise, Sales, Criminal Justice, and Liberal Studies.

At the graduate level, there are master’s degree programs for the majors of Organizational Leadership and Criminal Justice. Undergraduate certificates can be earned in the same two majors as master’s degrees and graduate certificates can be earned in Training & Development, E-Learning, Instructional Design, Human Performance Improvement, and Online Teaching. All of these programs can be completed online without having to make a trip to campus.

Each program has a schedule, delivery style, pace, instructor, and focus that can be customized to the student’s optimum preference. The undergraduate program in Sales, for example, contains a series of requisite courses that are to be completed for the major. This does not mean, however, that the student can’t choose the pace, order, type, and style of course they want to take. In the program itself, students are taken through the essentials of business, like accounting, management, and financing, but concentrate in the art of sales and persuasive skills. The program terminates in a Bachelor of Professional Studies.

There appears to be no separate rates for online courses, so, logically, online tuition rates do not differ from traditional rates. For undergraduate students enrolling with 1 – 11 credit hours per term pay $689 per credit hour or, if enrolling with 12 – 16 credit hours per term, $21,000 per year. Graduate students enrolling 1 – 8 hours per term pay $770 per credit hour, and, if more, $15,500 per year. For Performing Arts students, full-time tuition is $28,000 per year or, if enrolled part-time, $1,167 per credit hour.

Online courses taken from Roosevelt are certainly not lacking in quality compared to courses on site. Online learners benefit from the same real instructors and course materials. Likewise, one online course may be completely different than another which maintains the proper varied atmosphere from subject to subject.

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