Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Distance Learning

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is a small college specialize in the fields of math, science, and engineering. It is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Rose-Hulman features a wide array of technical and technological studies to choose from. Students can choose from Chemical Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences, Physics, Applied Biology, and many more majors of interest. Rose-Hulman takes students from start to finish with every detail accounted for. This assures success and a smooth train of academics throughout the student’s collegiate and professional career.

As an institute of technology, Rose-Hulman will be featuring distance education soon enough. The institute hasn’t yet channeled its resources into an online format mostly because they have maintained a high level of quality that is hard to transfer to an online format. The sciences and various technological studies are the easiest to teach over the net, and these are likely to be taught online in the near future.

The institute strives to educate and graduate scientists and engineers that have the creative prowess and technical competence to solve social problems at large. The curriculum available is designed to address a wide range of educational possibilities while also functioning as the analytical, scientific equivalent of a liberal arts palette. Class sizes are kept small so that students get a firm grasp on difficult, counterintuitive, and precise topics and data. This much is crucial.

Class sizes would mean nothing without quality professors. These individuals are usually practitioners of some sort in the fields they teach, many of them holding terminal degrees. Above that, these professors have the passion to teach and will go the extra mile to make sure every student is on the same page. Surprisingly, this can be hard to find in a college.

Learning is hands-on and engaging at Rose-Hulman. Students can be found researching new and exciting fields in the very topics that they study and even the topics they don’t study. Students have been seen redesigning a sport utility vehicle for reduced environmental impact, or even studying tortoises in the Galapagos Islands to gain a better understanding of evolution. Then there is the state-of-the-art facilities maintained at Rose-Hulman that have been used in making groundbreaking discoveries through collaborative partnerships.

Rose-Hulman is no doubt a premium institute of higher education, and students resultantly pay a premium price. For a year’s worth of undergraduate education, the price is $32,386, given that the student is enrolled full-time. Otherwise an undergraduate would pay $939 per credit hour. Graduates pay identical rates per credit hour and per full-time year. Rose-Hulman combats the cost of higher education by allotting grant aid to 97% of its students for tuition purposes. The average amount for these types of grants is $11,228, which covers a considerable portion of full-time education leaving other aid sources to fill up the rest.

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