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Rosemont College is a Catholic college operated by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and is located in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. Rosemont College provides students with an enriching atmosphere that educates the whole student, nourishing the spirit while enlightening the mind. There are many programs of study to choose from and a large variety of partnerships with neighboring institutions, like Villanova University, Cabrini College, and Immaculata University, that allow students to go beyond the possibilities of a single campus.

Rosemont College also offers students academics that go beyond its campus onto the web, namely distance learning. All degrees and online courses that Rosemont College offers are treated with the utmost care and quality in order to maintain the same quality as a traditional class. In addition, students can choose from an online program or opt out and design their own course schedule — it’s all up to the student.

For those who want to pursue an online program from start to finish and earn their degree without setting foot on campus, there are three online degree programs. These are the online Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science in Management, and the Bachelor of Arts/Science in Business Administration. Each of these programs are designed to build off the previous credential. For example, a student enrolling in a Master of Business Administration have something like a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. A student enrolling in the Bachelor’s program for Business Administration would have an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Business Administration, or even an Associate of Science.

In the undergraduate business program, students are taken through globally-styled management techniques, ethical leadership practice, strategy development adapted for the business world of tomorrow, and the rest depends on the type of degree the student desires. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a 45 credit degree program with requirements in Management courses, Finance courses, Legal Studies, Business Ethics, Information Systems & Technology, Marketing Management, and a Business Administration Capstone. The Bachelor of Arts variation is 54 credits with more emphasis on Management and Finance courses.

For the Master of Business Administration program, the per-credit-hour tuition rate is $650. The Master of Science in Management program follows the same tuition schedule. For the Bachelors of Business Administration program, the cost is $530 per credit hour.  There is no flat rate for full-time tuition.

Being that Rosemont College is a Catholic college, support is plentiful and encouraged. This pertains especially to the process of financing a student’s yearly dues in education. 100% of students at Rosemont College are receiving financial aid from the college itself in efforts to curtail the cost of higher education. The median amount of financial aid received by each student is $11,705. This covers around half of a typical year’s tuition for an undergraduate student thus greatly lifting the burden of affordability off of the average student’s back.

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