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Rowan University is a university that is state-supported and located in Glassboro, New Jersey. As a public institution, Rowan University is a leader in the Northeast for quality education and the success of its students. Students can earn any degree from their bachelor’s right up through their doctorate degree.

Rowan University is offering a growing number of online courses designed for use by distance learners  or students on campus with a busy schedule. There are not enough online courses to cover all of the requisites for a particular major, but there is a decent variety to select from. Some course titles include, but are not limited to Developmental Psychopathology, Introduction to Public Relations/Advertising Research, Research Applications in Nursing Practice, Designing/Developing/Leading Hi-Performance Organizations, Engineering Decision Making, and Fundamental Curricular Development.

There is also a complete online program for a Master of Business Administration. This particular program is a rarity because few online MBA programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Students are taken through the crucial tenets of business with innovative peripheral skills added to fortify their online degree. There is the basics, like Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, etc., students also learn about the more general topic of Organizational Leadership and learn more in depth about risky financial decisions and continuing the lifespan of a company.

Rowan University, even for students that fall into the highest price category, is reasonably priced; cheap in some cases. Undergraduate students pay $7,840 for a full-time year’s worth of education if they are a resident of New Jersey or, if they are from another state, $15,148. Graduate students, regardless of status of residency, pay $10,624 per year. For students that are enrolling on a part-time schedule, the cost of an undergraduate credit hour is $302/$584 for residents and non-residents respectively. Graduates pay $590 per credit hour.

Despite the low cost of Rowan University as it stands, there is still further financial help available. 4 in 10 students at Rowan University have been known to receive financial aid from federal sources, though this is subject to change with time. 3 in 10 students receive a similar form of aid, except from the state of New Jersey. Whether or not non-resident distance learners are applicable for state aid is unknown. To cover the spread, Rowan University gives 22% of its students grants and scholarships based on a variety of factors, mainly academic merit. The average grant size from Rowan University is $4,658.

Rowan University is well-rounded and offers students flexible, affordable, quality, and diverse options to work with when pursuing higher education. As a public university, it has been helping students achieve their goals with the support of the community right behind them. Whether you are a liberal arts major or an engineer, you’ll find your way at Rowan University.

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