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Rush University is a university located in Western Chicago, Illinois. Rush University was established in 1972 and since then has functioned as the academic appendage of the Rush University Medical Center. Rush University is housed and integrated within its correspondent medical center and focuses primarily on health sciences.

Rush University does feature resources for distance learning and offers a select variety of options for students to take advantage of. It can be difficult for medical studies to be taught over the net, so Rush University has taken the painstaking time out to insure courses against blandness or ineffective delivery. That aside, Rush University offers a splendid array of graduate degrees in a variety of medical vocations. Students spend most of their time online but, in some cases, will have to make an occasional trip to campus.

There are two doctorate degrees offered online at Rush: the Doctor of Nursing Practice and the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. These two degrees are slight variations on one another with a few changes here and there in the required credits, but otherwise the same framework. There is also the Master of Science in Nursing programs with optional concentrations in Advanced Generalist with a Focus in Clinical Leadership, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Public Health Nursing, Gerontological & Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, and Acute/Chronic Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

All of these credentials are designed to be based off of their previous corresponding credential. For example, the Doctor of Nursing Practice might see a student with a Master of Science in Nursing. The Master of Science in Nursing would accept students that have completed their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As an online medical programs should be, these programs are designed not exclusively by instructors, but by practitioners of and peripheral experts in the subject matter.  This means that students learn from the best and receive the full force of the expertise when taking their education online.

Tuition is somewhat expensive. And for a medical school as well, although, students are receiving high quality education housed in a bustling medical center with high-tech facilities. For a full-time year of education, a graduate student pays $27,080. Otherwise, if the student is enrolling part-time, they would pay $546 per credit hour. There is no information published by Rush that specifies separate tuition rates for online courses and programs. This means that the cost is most likely identical and that there may be small additional fees for online services.

The amount, source, and distribution of financial aid at Rush University is not known. As a small medical school, students have access to a select variety of scholarships and, in some cases, need-based aid sources. FAFSA usually awards some amount of financial aid to its applicants, so making use of federal aid sources is a given.  Otherwise, one can always partake in a student loan, for the career choices waiting for students after their work in grad school are bountiful anyways.

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