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Rust College is a predominantly African-American liberal arts college that is located in Holly Springs, Mississippi and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Rust receives continual accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to confer baccalaureate degrees. Students can earn degrees in fields such as Business Administration, Chemistry, Social Work, Music, and many other topics of interest.

Rust College is a very affordable college, especially given its status as a private college. There are currently no graduate programs for any major, although Rust College is ever aspiring to introduce this level of education soon. An undergraduate who is enrolled full-time would only have to pay $7,000 per year spent at the college (excluding room and board, distance learners need not be concerned with those expenses). If the student were to decide that a part-time schedule is better, credit hours are $300 a piece.

It may be the college’s focus on helping the immediate community, or a present lack of capital, that is restricting it from opening its doors to the internet. Online education is not a present capability at Rust College, although the prospect of online education is very lucrative and may make its way into the curriculum soon enough.

In evaluating future expectations of online education, one need only look to the quality of education offered on campus and its price. Rust College is no ivy leaguer, of course, but students still have access to a quality, lasting education that covers more than just the basics. Given the price of education on campus, online education from Rust College is likely to be very affordable, making the college an excellent candidate for distance learners on a budget.
Biology and various, subsequent Biological Sciences seem to be the heaviest target of academic interest at Rust College. This is most likely due to the ardent investment by the college into labs, research facilities, and other controlled environments for study purposes. This, in turn, has given Rust students an excellent, in-depth experience in the biological sciences.

Computer Science has received strong attention from Rust College students as well, with many students earning their Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Computer Science has also formed extra-curricular interest in the form of clubs and study groups further strengthening the subject’s concentration. This subject also greatly increases a student’s chance of receiving a National Smart Grant, which may contribute to the increased attention in Mathematics as well.

Students have easy access to financial aid at Rust College. There are merit-based awards available that are allotted based on factors like academics, leadership, religious affiliation, performing arts, and residency. 80% of students attending Rust College are receiving financial aid, almost entirely from FAFSA, but with other sources occasionally surfacing. Rust College itself contributes a small amount of aid to just over half of the student body, in a non-repayable format. An education at Rust College is not hard to finance.

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