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Rutgers University is the eighth oldest institution of higher education in the United States. it is the state university of New Jersey and is the largest in the state, located in several locations throughout. Rutgers University is a public university, but also one of research. Millions of dollars are poured into groundbreaking research every year creating breakthrough discoveries as well as excellent opportunities for students to engage.

Rutgers University is a vast platform in which distance learners can select their studies. Online courses and programs are all tied through the central structure of the institution, but individual and specialized programs are offered through each individual college that comprises Rutgers. The Graduate School of Education, for one, offers a set of online courses while the College of Nursing features full distance learning degree programs.

To start with, a distance learner can partake in a staggering variety of online courses, should they decide to engage in independent study or study without declaring a major. Some course titles include (drawing from all Rutgers subsidiaries) Psychology of the Exceptional Child, Research Methods in X-Ray Astrophysics, Ethical Issues in Public Financial Management, Human Information Behavior, and Human Diversity and Social Issues in the Community. There are many more courses available, these are merely a few.

There is also a great selection of online programs that can be completed at a distance, the grand majority of which can be completely taken online, without a trip to campus. The Master of Library & Information Science, for example, covers all the necessities, peripherals, and foundations of the topic using strategic online media. Students learn about school library, media studies, digital studies, public libraries, library technology, etc. This program terminates with the conferring of the master’s degree.

Rutgers University is financially supported by the state of New Jersey, giving it extra resources that lower the cost of tuition. At Rutgers, an undergraduate student pays $9,268 per year for full-time education, and that’s before financial aid contributions. That rate goes up to $19,216 for students that enroll from outside the state. A graduate student would pay $13,440/$19,992 for a full-time year of education if they are from New Jersey/from outside of New Jersey.

Financial aid is plenty, even despite the already low cost of education as it stands. 80% of Rutgers University students are receiving financial aid from federal sources. State sources supply roughly the same amount of and distribution of financial aid. Rutgers University itself supplies 65% of its student body with merit-based awards, need-based grants, and external grants based on a variety of factors, but all with academic philanthropy in mind.

Altogether, Rutgers University is a quality university that serves several thousand students with quality education at an affordable price. To distance learners, Rutgers University is equally attentive with a large selection of online programs that are likely to increase in selection in the coming years.


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