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Ryokan College is a college offering education in Psychology almost exclusively online. A rare type of colleg, Ryokan offers a wide selection of education that is focused on the needs of distance learners. Students can choose from education at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate level and complete their degrees without having to leave their environment.

Distance learners can earn one or more of the following degrees 100% online: a Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Arts in Business Psychology, a Master of Arts in Business Administration, a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, a Doctor of Psychology in Marriage Family Therapy, and even a combination degree program that combines a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology.

Ryokan College offers distance learning that is a cut above the average college. The most sophisticated software and facilities go into distance learning at Ryokan, for the specific purpose of optimizing a distance learners experience. This includes virtual classroom platforms that incorporate many different audio and visual medias, asynchronous course delivery, and student-teacher interaction. Many colleges are content to use standardized software and a standardized course design, but Ryokan innovates and makes each class special.

Ryokan sports a variety of payment plans that give distance learners more options when financing their education. In one case, tuition can be paid over the course of the program being studied with no interest. The other option is to extend the payment plan after graduation, in which case an interest percentage is charged to the payment.

At Ryokan, special care is taken to give students the best in education. This is accomplished by simply pairing students with excellent instructors, most of whom are current practitioners in their fields. This, in turn, gives students a balance of practical expertise to supplement the theory of various psychological fields.

Fees and tuition rates vary by program. For a Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior, the price is $6,000. For the M.A. in Counseling Psychology, the price is $25,400. The Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology costs $29,400. The combination program for Master’s and Doctor in Psychology, the price is $44,100. For the Master of Arts in Business Psychology or the Master of Business Administration the price is $14,400.

Financial aid information is not published on Ryokan College’s website, although, what is certain is that financial aid is available. FAFSA can be used to the students advantage and will regularly supply grant aid somewhere in the thousands of dollars per year. As for scholarships, information on the distribution, application, and amount awarded will have to be obtained by contacting Ryokan College directly. Overall, Ryokan College is very affordable, especially when pursuing master’s or doctorate level education. Quality is a given.


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