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Sacred Heart University is a Catholic university of the liberal arts that is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. Sacred Heart University strives to give students a well-rounded education that is immersive and long lasting. As a Catholic University, the highest value is placed on the aspirations of both people and their communities. Diversity is a must, spanning race, age, gender, religion, and virtually any other criterion.

Sacred Heart University offers five separate online programs leading to a degree. These are the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing, the Bachelor of Science to Master of Science in Nursing, the Master of Science in Applied Psychology, and the Master of Science in Geriatric Health & Wellness. All of these programs can be completed without setting foot on campus.

For students that can’t find the online program that they need, or who don’t wish to declare a major, there are individual online courses available for the taking. Course selection is wide and, aside from covering a few Nursing degrees and Applied Psychology, may cover most of what a student needs in many other majors. Some course titles include, but are not limited to Art in the Western World, Constitutional Law, Chemistry of Nutrition, Criminal Law, Web Design & Visual Tools, and Advanced Composition.

Sacred Heart makes use of tried and true technology and software for distance learning purposes, like Blackboard. It should be noted that course design features the benefit of straightforwardness. Conducting online activity is as simple as point and click. Online resources, like information and technology help, are available around the clock to help students with various issues that face online learning. At Sacred Heart, issues are few and far between. Students work independently, the coursework being between the student and the professor, and interdependently, with other students. Learning online is just like being in the classroom.

In addition, Sacred Heart University pays attention to the direct voice of the students. After every course, the university collects feedback from students to help the college construct a better and better education experience for students to come. This is what has allowed the university to maintain an optimal experience while providing top academics.

A high-quality university, Sacred Heart University charges prices for tuition that reflect its caliber of education. An undergraduate student will pay $28,790 for a year of full-time enrollment. The price in assembling a part-time schedule is $455 per credit hour. Graduate students pay $26,065 per year with credit hours costing $550 each. With that in mind, one should examine the amount of financial aid that each student receives. At Sacred Heart, only 10% of the student body pays the full price of tuition. 86% of students receive grants from Sacred Heart University itself, lowering the average price of education to around $20,000 per year.

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