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Saint Ambrose University is a Catholic university of the liberal arts that shares affiliations with Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport and is located in Davenport, Iowa. As a Catholic university, Saint Ambrose seeks to educate the whole student: mind, body, and spirit. This is taken a step further, also, to the intellect, ethics, and a student’s artistic outlets. At Saint Ambrose University, education is sought on many levels and taught on all of them.

Saint Ambrose University features online courses that can be taken on a student’s own schedule. Online courses at the university are asynchronous and can be taken in a variety of ways. Students can apply the courses to a particular major, if there are sufficient courses available to satisfy this condition. There is also the option of independent study, in which the student can simply compile credits with which they can decide the use of later on. Taking classes online is also a great way to free up one’s schedule if enrolled on campus, or a way to minimize one’s residence at Saint Ambrose University in situations where 100% distance learning can’t be conducted.

Saint Ambrose University offers a unique range of degrees on top of its expansive range of majors, minors, and concentrations. There is, of course, the standard Bachelor of Arts/Science, but there are also specialized degrees, like the Bachelor of Elected Studies, the Bachelor of Special Studies, or the Bachelor of Applied Management Technology. At the graduate level, on the other hand, there are no master of arts/science degrees, only specific degrees, like the Master of Organizational Leadership, the Doctor of Business Administration, or the Master of Social Work.

The cost of a full-year’s education at Saint Ambrose University is $21,610 per year for a full-time undergraduate student and $12,096 per year for a full-time graduate student. The cost per credit hour on a part-time schedule, regardless of graduate or undergraduate status, is $672. The cost may seem daunting to some, however, the university offers a variety of options in financing one’s education. This includes a plentiful stream of financial aid.

Almost no student on campus pays the full price of a Saint Ambrose education. 99% of students attending the university are receiving financial aid directly from the university itself. This comes in the form of scholarships, but also in grants that are based on non-academic factors, like need, religious merit, and performing arts involvement. That aside, there is a segment of the student population that receives government aid.

19% of students are receiving financial aid from federal sources, namely Pell Grants, but also other sources that can be accessed for free using FAFSA. Some state aid sources are also involved in the financing process. These sources have supplied 21% of the student body with financial aid. This leaves just 54% of the student body to partake in loans.

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