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Saint Andrews Presbyterian College is a baccalaureate college of the liberal arts that is located in Laurinburg, North Carolina and is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. Saint Andrews is the product of two colleges: Flora Macdonald College and Presbyterian Junior College. Saint Andrews focuses on giving students an education that lasts and that is moral in compass.

Within the liberal arts, Saint Andrews offers a plentiful array of majors and minors to choose from. Students can major in Equine Science, Elementary Education, Studio Art, and many more popular liberal arts studies. There are also unique majors not offered at many other colleges, like Interdisciplinary Studies or Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Saint Andrews also extends beyond the typical range of liberal arts through the Center for Adult and Professional Studies. In this case, professional students and adults returning to college can earn degrees in Business Administration, Education, and complete their Teacher Certification online. There are also certificates for Equine Business Management, Organizational Leadership, and Therapeutic Horsemanship Business Management.

Saint Andrews Presbyterian College currently is not offering programs online, although, that doesn’t bar the possibility in the near future. Many Christian liberal arts colleges have offered online programs, as online education is versatile, lucrative, and, most of all, convenient. Christian distance learners need not fear; Saint Andrews is very likely to offer distance education through their Center for Adult and Professional Studies — more specifically — in Business or Education majors.

Saint Andrews makes an ardent effort (to much avail) to reduce the cost of higher education for as many students as possible. Each year, the college makes use of scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and various loans to help finance each student’s aspirations. 89% of students attending Saint Andrews Presbyterian College receive, on average, financial aid in some form from the college itself.

There are other sources of aid, of course. Federal sources, namely Pell Grants and other FAFSA-accessed programs, supply 19% of students each year, approximately. State and local sources combine to award financial aid to an total average of 37% of students yearly. This leaves just 63% of the student body to partake in student loans, and not in very amount.

Saint Andrews is strongest in fields of Business and Education. This is a trend among Christian schools; most Christian schools are strongest in Business, Education, and Nursing. The #1 most pursued major at Saint Andrews is Business Administration & Management with Elementary Education & Teaching majors falling in second place. This college breaks the mold by investing more of its resources into Biological Sciences, rather than nursing.

Students at Saint Andrews pursue undegraduate education, so only undergraduate rates apply. For a year of education, the rate for full-time education is $20,375. If the student instead chooses part-time participation, the cost per credit hour is $450. Since the average amount of aid given by the college itself is $7,786, the average student will pay something closer to $13,000. This leaves only 10% of the student body to pay the full price of a Saint Andrews Presbyterian College education.

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