Saint Anselm College Distance Learning

Saint Anselm College is a top-ranked liberal arts college based in Benedictine, Catholic ethics and tradition. Saint Anselm College is located in Goffstown, New Hampshire. This particular college is one of purpose, and not merely a planned academic process. Students at Saint Anselm aspire to doctors, nurses, teachers, and many important individuals in society. This is coupled with strong Catholic ethic and a quality education that will aid students from start to finish, and all throughout their careers.

Saint Anselm College strives to give students a balanced education that grounds them in the liberal arts, surrounds them with Benedictine tradition, and propels them with knowledge best suited to the modern world and beyond. Each student completes a core of science, art, literature, politics, and theology to give students the peripheral knowledge to adapt and a smart, collegiate perspective in their studies.

From there students assemble their major, or field of study, depending on the student’s aspirations. Fields of study covered at the college span the range of Modern Languages & Literatures, Criminal Justice, Politics, English, and many other fields. The specific majors themselves are among Chemistry, Accounting, International Relations, Chinese, and other assortment to large to list here.

Unfortunately, all students will have to come to campus to participate in their studies. Saint Anselm College has yet to feature distance learning, though they may soon enough. It may be the strict maintenance of quality Saint Anselm College upholds that is preventing them from currently offering online education programs. Nevertheless, colleges and universities of all kinds generally tend to feature online education at some point. What is certain is that this college will take meticulous care in constructing a distance learning platform.

All students at Saint Anselm College take courses in the Humanities during their freshman and sophomore years. Curiously enough, the college doesn’t offer a Humanities major, although, students may continue to take Humanities courses after their junior college education. The general incorporation of Humanities into the core curriculum is referred to as the Humanities Program.

As a top-ranked college, students pay a premium cost. $28,440 per year is the cost of a full-time education for undergraduate students. There are no graduate-level courses available at Saint Anselm. Credit hours are $947 a piece, for students that wish to participate part-time at Saint Anselm. Despite the annual cost of education nearing $30,000/year, students have copious financial aid at their disposal.

As a foundation of financial aid, 87% of the student body receives a non-repayable financial aid package directly from the college itself. The average amount received by this portion of the student body is $12,153. To fill out the gaps, 11% of students receive federal aid, and 37% of the students receive state aid and/or local aid. In short, financial aid isn’t hard to come by and most students, with the help of Saint Anselm aid packages, are paying beneath $20,000 per year.

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