Saint Anthony College of Nursing Distance Learning

Saint Anthony College of Nursing is a nursing school that is based out of the Saint Anthony Medical Center and is seated in Rockford, Illinois. Saint Anthony offers two degrees, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Master of Science in Nursing, with either degree having its share of variations and concentration options. Students enrolling at this college will not only receive the practical knowledge that nursing requires, but also the experience and expertise of practicing professionals.

Conducting online learning at Saint Anthony is simple. The college makes use of online courseware, namely Moodle, to deliver distance education for whoever needs it. Saint Anthony makes no distinction between learning on site and learning online. This most likely means that Moodle is used to deliver classes that can’t be taken at the medical center, although, there is no mention of a complete distance learning program. Distance learners will probably have to undertake a brief residency to complete what can’t be conducted online; this may be a seminar or several classes.

Whichever way a student prefers to learn, the college offers classes that are specified for Nursing and run a dense, versatile schedule. Classes range from Foundations studies all the way to graduate student lab courses. Being that the college of nursing is housed within a medical center, students are immersed in a real-world environment, where their studies are directly applicable to their facilities.

This also readies each individual student for their own employment and future careers as nurses, caretakers, and physician assistants. The medical center in which the college is housed hosts all programs. This means that not only are courses taught with immersion, but a large-scale employer gives students the specific training they need, as well as bounteous, knowledgeable, practicing staff.

The college is small, enrolling only a few hundred students at a time, but that will definitely grow in the near future. Tuition is reasonable, considering the college is small and privately funded. A typical undergraduate student will pay $18,426 per year if they are studying full-time. Otherwise, undergraduate credit hours are $577 a piece. Graduates, on the other hand, have no full-time flat rate. They pay by the credit hour, which costs $684.

As a young school, Saint Anthony College of Nursing has no publications regarding financial aid. What is certain is that there is plenty of financial aid available. Federal sources can be applied to using FAFSA and, almost always, state and/or local sources will offer additional grants for tuition purposes. There is also a very high chance that the medical center is offering paid internships, employment, or work-study programs (all essentially being different takes on the same system). It is not certain as to whether or not the medical center offers scholarships or academic awards, or at least not presently.

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