Saint Augustine’s College Distance Learning

Saint Augustine’s College is a predominantly African-American college that is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and is affiliated with the Episcopal Church. This college focuses on in-depth learning programs that run through the span of the Liberal Arts and beyond to fields of Business, Computer Science, Teacher Education, Natural Sciences, Math, Performing Arts, and even Interdisciplinary Studies. Students from different parts of the world enroll at Saint Augustine’s, making the atmosphere and student body very diverse.

Distance learning is not yet available. However, with students enrolling from all over the world, Saint Augustine’s is likely to expand its resources globally by offering education over the net. This will most likely occur in a field of professional study, the chief candidates being Business, Computer Science, and Teacher Education. For now, the college is focusing its efforts towards maintaining an optimal experience for students on campus.

The main foci of education at Saint Augustine’s College are Professional Studies and the Liberal Arts. Among the professional curricula are the majors of Accounting, Business Administration, Real Estate, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, and Organizational Management. In the Liberal Arts palette, there are options for majors like English, Sports Management, Foreign Language, Public Relations, Visual Arts, and many more majors that can’t be fully listed here.

Being that Saint Augustine’s shares affiliations with the Episcopal Church, there are many opportunities to get involved with service or learn about the Christian faith. One can major in Christian Ministry and prepare themselves for leadership and service within the Christian community. One can also broaden their major to Religious Studies and gain a more cosmopolitan perspective that encompasses philosophy in addition to world religions.

There are also special programs, like the Interdisciplinary Studies major, or the dual degree in Engineering. In this particular program, students attend Saint Augustine’s college for 3 years and then complete their education at North Carolina State University. In this program, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science + Computer Engineering, Chemistry + Chemical Engineering, or Engineering Mathematics + Aerospace/Civil Electrical/Mechanical Engineering.

Saint Augustine’s College is a relatively small college, with just over a thousand students enrolled in any given year. An advantage of this college is that a full year’s worth of education can be financed rather easily. For a year of full-time study, an undergraduate student pays the typical annual due of $10,580. Per credit hour, the cost of undergraduate education is $588. There are no graduate-level studies available, so graduate tuition rates need not apply.

The cost of education is further lowered with 99% of students receiving financial aid from some source. Saint Augustine grants short term loans and some select payment plans, but also contributes an average of $2,659 to 41% of its students each year. The largest source of financial aid is federal, with 75% of students receiving grants via FAFSA.

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