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Saint Bonaventure University is a Franciscan Catholic university based near Olean, New York that is primarily concentrated in the liberal arts. This university was listed in U.S. News & World Report’s list of “Best Colleges 2011” for the class of Regional Universities in the northern United States. All the while, Saint Bonaventure strives to make quality education an affordable journey and has vastly succeeded in doing so.

The typical price tag of an undergraduate education is $23,920 per year if they decide to enroll full-time. Financing an education in excess of $20,000 can be difficult for some or many. This is why Saint Bonaventure University allots an average of $13,226 dollars per year to 99% of its students. In essence, only a handful of students pay the full cost of a Saint Bonaventure education. The rest of the student population has their annual costs reduced to around $10,000 a year. Many students don’t have to pay anything at all.

And now, the university is diverting its attention towards establishing online education. The university recently launched a group of online courses covering various subjects. While this means that no full distance learning programs are available, distance learners can still begin their education with the initial selection available. As course selection grows, eventually the requirements for a degree will be met and online degrees, at that point, could be offered.

These newly offered online courses are Business Information Systems, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, The Economics & Finance of Sports, Statistics, Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Cross Culture Communication, American Politics, The Good Life, Arts & Literature, Feature Writing, Sports Writing, Statistics II, Introduction to Psychology, World Views: Diversity, and Arts & Literature.

These courses are initially being drafted for use by students that are enrolled on campus. Although, students can apply and be admitted just for the purpose of taking online courses as they come. The selection is expanding rapidly and there is plenty to take advantage of. There is the possibility that an online degree program will arise soon, as the university has many schools, colleges, students, and resources to work with in delivering these programs.

Regardless of whether the student is enrolled on campus or at a distance, Saint Bonaventure is flexible and resourceful. Not to mention, the online courses are being administered with careful attention to quality so that there is consistency between various course delivery platforms. The bottom line is quality.

There are graduate studies available as well. Graduate schooling will likely see courses brought online in the near future. Graduate education is very affordable and is easily covered by financial aid. Per year, the cost of a graduate full-time education is $11,700. Per credit hour, that same cost is split up into fragments of $650. Altogether, the university offers much to do with variety and is continually heightening quality while reducing the cost of it.

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