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Saint Catherine University is the newest university in Minnesota with its university status being granted in mid-2009. The university is that of a role model institution that aims its curriculum and educational experience towards creating leaders and people of influence. The basic frame work of this is a professionally-oriented education combined with a background in the liberal arts, all carried out under Catholic tradition and values. The different culmination of these aspects leaves areas between that the university wants students to connect with their own personal inquiry and research, as opposed to integrating these different areas according to the viewpoints of the university.

Although the university is newly born, the college from which it was hatched traces its lineage back to 1905 when it was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. At its core, Saint Catherine University was a women’s college helping aspiring young and adult women to empower themselves through an education that grants credentials. It’s no surprise that the university features an Honors Program, and resources for independent study, to harbor both individualism and academic excellence, all at the disposal of each student.

The university features distance learning programs or, as they refer to it, Digital Learning. One of the programs grants Montessori teachers a master’s degree over the course of one year. This is particularly advantageous for teachers that are already on a full-time schedule, but want to further their degree for a higher position of occupation. Also offered at the university is a distance education program that grants a Master of Arts in Education with focus on curriculum and instruction. The university makes integrated use of online resources like Blackboard, multimedia platforms, and student-teacher interaction resources over the net.

In addition, the university offers a variety of resources that aid the distance learning process. For example, the library at Saint Catherine has digitalized many texts, and offers access to e-books and even direct contact with the library desk to arrange for other aid. In addition, there is a help desk to ensure that the distance education process is running smoothly, and that each student is equipped with adequate resources to progress online.

Student to faculty ratio is at a great 12 to 1, especially considering the fact that the university has maintained premium in nature and caters to over 5,000 students. Some popular majors at the university are Nursing/Registered Nurse, General Education, Social Work, Occupational Therapy/Therapist, and Elementary Education & Teaching. Tuition costs for full-time students amounts to $19,773 per year, with part-time students paying $672 per credit hour.

Financial aid is made very available with the efforts of Saint Catherine University. The university allows access to merit-based scholarships from the university itself and other external sources that issue grants for education. Almost every student at the university is receiving some form of financial aid with the majority of that funding coming from the aforementioned scholarships. An education at Saint Catherine University means not only a premium education, but a humble helping hand to pull every aspiring student up to the greatest of their potential.

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