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Saint Edward’s University is a Roman Catholic higher learning institution that is located in Austin, Texas. Saint Edward’s is rooted in liberal arts education, but also offers education in various sciences and professional studies, like Management. Emphasis is placed in quality, personal education that takes place in small classes.

For the current time being, those small classes will remain accessible only on campus. Distance learning and online education are not presently a capability of Saint Edward’s. It is possible, however, that online resources and education will become available in the near future. The university offers a good selection of graduate studies, and graduate online education is rapidly growing in popularity among colleges and universities of all kinds.

Saint Edward’s University is mid-sized with about 5,500 students attending in any given year. Still yet, the university keeps class sizes small and meticulously monitors the student to faculty ratio to ensure an optimum experience. The quality and legitimacy of education at Saint Edwards is unquestionable. A large pool of accrediting bodies, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, or National Association of College Admission Counselors, have all recognized and continue to recognize the university.

The university takes care to deliver a core curriculum for undergraduates that is full, well-rounded, and long lasting. In the freshman year, students take the Human Experience course where they collect information about various subjects and reflect on what direction they might take. During the sophomore year, students gain perspective on American Culture from different viewpoints and learn of the various issues facing society. The general education curriculum ends at 75 credits and with a capstone project in which students investigate an issue in society, research, and propose a solution in a written and oral format.

After a student completes their undergraduate study, there are many graduate schooling options offered right at the same university. There are masters degree programs in Counseling, Human Services, Teaching, Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Organizational Leadership & Ethics, Computer Information Systems, Project Management, Digital Media Management, College Student Development, and Accounting. Many of these programs are taught in a school that is specifically focused on that subject matter.

Tuition is not terribly expensive for a private university of such a caliber. Undergraduate students need only budget $22,150 per year for a full-time course of study, or $738 per credit hour, should they elect to enroll part-time. Graduates pay nearly half that amount at $13,752 per year with credit hours costing $764 each. The reason this is not considered expensive is because 90% of students on campus are receiving financial aid to cover the cost of education.

87% of students at Saint Edward’s University are receiving financial aid directly from the university itself. The average grant size is $10,217, which covers a thousand or two beneath the full cost of undergraduate yearly education. Federal grants are dispersed to 26% of students while 44% of students are receiving grants from state or local sources.

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