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Saint Francis College is a private Catholic college that is based in Brooklyn Heights, New York. Saint Francis has long honored the tradition of conducting education for those in need, particularly working-class citizens that couldn’t normally attend college. Ideals and principles that form the core of Saint Francis are taken from Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the most venerated religious figures in history.

Distance learning is currently not a possibility of Saint Francis College, although the college has announced plans of introducing this type of education in the future. The college offers a large variety of education at the graduate and undergraduate level making it all the more susceptible to offering distance learning in the near future. This may appear in Business majors, Nursing, or in Religious Studies. The most likely outcome is that the college will offer online courses for topics that are frequently over-enrolled.

Saint Francis offers subjects that are well within the range of liberal arts and completely outside of it. Some majors and topics covered at the undergraduate level include Philosophy, Sociology, English, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Spanish, and Nursing. Following this selection are a graduate selection of degree programs in Accounting as well as two specific programs: the Master of Science in Professional Accountancy, and a combined Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree in Accounting.

The five year program deserves particular attention for its results, and the innovative structuring that went into engineering this program. Students literally start in their undergraduate studies and, in five years, sit for the CPA exam. Graduates of this particular program have moved on to work at Big Four Accounting, PricewaterhourseCoopers, Ernest & Young, National Grid, JPMorgan Chase, and many other institutions.

Financial aid is earned from a variety of sources by 91% of all students attending Saint Francis. Federal grants, for one, supply approximately 1/3 of the students in any given year with the average amount being $3,444 per student. State and local sources contribute an average of $2,931 to just over half of the student body.

Saint Francis itself contributes financial aid in the form of a non-repayable grant package to 55% percent of all students. This package averages $6,630 for each student, although many have received a full paid scholarship for their studies. 46% of students participate in student loans, with small amounts being taken out, as most of tuition is taken care of.

The cost of a Saint Francis education is $15,200 per year. This is for a full-time education regardless of whether or not the student is undergraduate or graduate. Per credit hour the expense is, again, non-discriminate to education level and $495. For graduate programs the expense may vary, as students may have to take extra courses, or stay longer to complete their education. Nevertheless, Saint Francis College provides quality Catholic education at an affordable price.

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