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Saint Francis University is a baccalaureate Catholic university of the liberal arts that is located in Loretto, Pennsylvania. The university offers intensive and explorative learning in an atmosphere guided by Catholic values, inspired by the university’s patron saint Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis University offers extensive liberal arts curricula, professional studies, and graduate programs for students of all backgrounds.

Saint Francis University offers online courses as a part of its Continuing Education studies. Online courses are recommended for students that have the organizational skills and motivation to carry out their coursework amidst a busy schedule. Courses are mostly randomly assorted and thusly cover a wide range of topics. Some course titles include, but are not limited to Human Chemistry, Europe & the World, Management, Information Systems, Discovering Philosophy, Research Methods, Faith & Franciscanism, General Sociology, and Statistics.

There are also degrees available through the Department of Continuing Education that can be earned entirely or partially online. One can earn an Associate of Applied Science, an Associate of Science in Business Administration with various concentration options, or an Associate of Religious Education. There are also Bachelors of Science in Accounting, Computer Systems Management, Management, Medical Science, and Organizational Leadership.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a four-year program that starts from no qualifications whatsoever and terminates in the conferring of the Bachelor of Science. The other four bachelor’s degree programs, however, are degree completion programs meant to build upon an associate degree of some sort. Any of the aforementioned programs can be taken at a traditional part-time or full-time pace, although, if the student desires, he/she can elect to engage in accelerated study.

Financial aid is not hard to come by at the university. Students regularly file their FAFSA and receive Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and other federal aid contributions for tuition purposes. The university itself contributes financial aid packages to its students which greatly reduce the cost of education for a large percentage of the population.

30% of Saint Francis students receives financial aid from federal sources, with the average payout being something around $3,000. 43% of students at the university are receiving financial aid contributions from the state or local sources. The average financial aid package size from Saint Francis University itself is $12,147 and that average amount reaches 78% of the student body.

Usually, if a student qualifies for a financial aid package from the college, the cost of education slips to beneath $10,000 a year with some help from federal aid. Otherwise, the full cost of a full-time education is $23,790 per year for undergraduates. For graduate students, that price falls to $17,382 per year. Credit hours, regardless of the students status as a graduate or undergraduate, cost $743. There are other fees and dues attached to various conditions like student services and admissions, but these are usually negligible.

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  1. sintayehu gultae says:

    My name is Sintayehu Gultae. I am Ethiopian. I have graduated from
    Addis Ababa University with B.A degree in Theatre Arts (with
    distinction). To make the long story short, I am very interested in
    studying PSYCHOLOGY.i have got info that your university
    offers distance program. Can you give me a detail Info about how,
    when to apply . Thank you for your understanding

    I am looking forward to hear good news from you.


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