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Saint Gregory’s University is a Catholic university rooted in liberal arts curricula that is one of the oldest higher learning institutions in Oklahoma and is located in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The university is a place where century old tradition meets modern technology. Students learn about their subject of interest and engage in the rich Catholic heritage that founded the university.

At Saint Gregory’s, all students take on the Common Core Curriculum which is a course of study required of all students enrolling in the College of Arts & Sciences. Contained within the core is intensive study of the “Great Books” which gives each student a grounding in important intellectual readings of Catholic and Western traditions. This curriculum draws from great thinkers like Aristotle, Saint Augustine of Hippo, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Shakespeare, Flannery O’Connor, and even Martin Luther King Jr.

The courses represent the “four ways of knowing”. These four ways are Creative Expression, Faith and Reason, Mathematics & Natural Science, and Social & Behavioral Science. From there a student chooses their major in one of five areas: Business, Humanities, Natural Science, Theology, or Social Science. This specialization primes the student for work towards a degree while also making use of the advanced perspective gained from the core curriculum.

There are currently no distance learning degrees that can be completed entirely at the college. Instead there are online courses which can be taken for any purpose. This includes applying the online courses towards one’s major or independent study, whichever is desired. It may be possible for one to complete most of the requirements for an Associate degree earned at the university. The rest must be learned on campus.

At the four-year level, one can achieve a Bachelor of Science in Business, a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences, a Bachelor of Science in Social Science, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. There is also a Pre-Law program designed to prepare a student for admission to law school. The core curriculum combined with rigorous study in pre-legal matters put a student far ahead in the admissions list.

Saint Gregory’s University costs $14,660 per year for an undergraduate student that is enrolling on a full-time schedule. Per credit hour, the cost of part-time education is assembled at $490. There are some graduate-level studies offered at Saint Gregory’s University and those are paid for by the credit hour. These graduate credit hours are $425 a piece.

95% of students at Saint Gregory’s University are receiving financial aid in some form. Federal grants contribute to 40% of those recipients while state/local sources supply 37%. The university itself supplies 92% of its students with grant aid designed to lower the cost of higher education. The average size of this grant is around $6,870. This leaves 75% of the student body to participate in student loans.

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