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Saint John Fisher College is a college of the liberal arts that is located in Pittsford, New York. This college has been ranked in the top tier among master’s level universities in the northern United States by U.S. News & World Report. Saint John Fisher College offers a wide range of educational possibilities, from the typical undergraduate level up through doctoral degrees.

Saint John Fisher College offers courses online without prescribing distance learning degree options. There is a large selection of online courses that can likely take most of the meat out of earning a major, but not earn a full degree online. Likewise there are full distance degrees that are on their way in the future. There’s a chance that a student enrolling now may see a full online degree appear in time for completion.

The range of on-campus academics that students pick from spans topics like American Studies, Catholic Heritage, Computer Science, Educational Technology, Biology, Communications and many more not listed here. Outside of the liberal arts there are pre-professional studies available, like Pre-Chiropractic, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Law, and Pre-Environmental Science & Forestry. There are even special programs, such as the NYS Certificate Program with a concentration in Spanish/Latino Culture for Health majors, or the Bachelor of Science to Master of Science in Advanced Practice Nursing program.

Graduate studies are much more specialized and subjects are mainly divided into small groups between each subsidiary college at Saint John Fisher. Some graduate areas of study include, but are not limited to Literacy Education, Mental Health Counseling, International Studies, and Business Administration. These are master’s degree programs. Doctoral programs are available as well, these are the Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership, the Doctor of Nursing Practice, and the Doctor of Pharmacy.

The cost of education at Saint John Fisher College lies just outside the normal affordability range and lies just beneath a premium price tag. This is offset thoroughly, however, by the efforts of the college to supply financial aid to all students. $21,670 per year is the cost of a full-time education for undergraduate students. When enrolling full-time at the graduate level, that price drops to $14,436 per year. For a credit hour, a graduate will pay $802 and an undergraduate will pay $588.

Saint John Fisher is proud to boast that only 2% of all students pay the full cost of a college education. The college goes the extra length to provide 98% of its students with financial aid and with the average grant amount being $9,268. The college also provides students with many options and payment plans so that financial issues don’t interfere with studies. Federal grants supply about 1/4 of the student body with additional grants and state/local sources chip in as well, with 68% of the student body receiving grants from that source.

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