Saint Joseph’s College of Maine Distance Learning

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is a Catholic institution of higher learning that is located in Standish, Maine. Saint Joseph’s offers a variety of liberal arts studies as well as subjects outside the liberal arts, like Teacher Education, Nursing, and Business. All of these subjects are approached in a multi-faceted manner, combining education inside the classroom with external, immersive, and real-world environments.

Online programs are alive, well, and numerous at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. A student, whether they are undergraduate or graduate can choose from a good selection of online degree programs. Undergraduate students have the larger selection of online degrees to work with.

Undergraduates can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with a Business Specialization, Adult Education & Training Specialization, Human Services Specialization, an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science Health Administration, and many more Bachelor’s and Associate degrees not listed here. All of these programs are fully accredited by various institutions and are taught with the same care that is taken on campus.

At the graduate level, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine offers 6 master’s degree programs. These are the Master of Arts in Pastoral Theory, the Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Education, Master of Health Administration, Master of Science in Nursing, and Master of Accountancy. With these associate, bachelors, and masters programs in place, many students, professionals, and working adults are earning their desired credentials entirely online.

Saint Joseph’s has been conducting distance learning since 1976 in efforts to help busy adults that want to further their study. 2,500 students are enrolled at a distance from the college and are earning their degrees without having to set foot on campus. All online programs can be started any month of the year and with a pace that is entirely set by the student.

Tuition rates are calculated based on the online program the student is in. For undergraduate programs in Business, the cost is $275 per credit hour; for Teacher Education, $280; for General Studies, $275; for Health Administration, $325; for Nursing, $325; for Theological Studies, $280.

Students enrolling in the Master of Accounting program, the cost is $450 per credit hour; for Master of Education, $330; for Master of Health Administration, $375; for Master of Science in Nursing, $400; for the Nursing Master’s with Family Nurse Practitioner specialty, $600; for the Leadership MBA, $450; for Master of Arts in Pastoral Theory, $315.

All online programs are formed with quality curricula, effective and accessible student support services, and an overall goal of achieving new heights in excellence with each passing term. It is a part of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine to serve all people in need of an education. In turn, the academic opportunities are not only growing in number, but in quality as well.

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