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Saint Louis Christian College is a four-year biblical college that is located in Florissant, Missouri. Saint Louis offers ministry opportunities for aspiring Christian students of all backgrounds, in addition to the credentials to better serve the Christian community. Students earn their degree and gain entryway into ministerial positions across the United States.

What should be noted about Saint Louis Christian College is that students living on campus receive a 100% scholarship that covers their four-year education. Students that don’t live on campus, but that attend from a commutable distance receive a 50% scholarship for the same studies. These scholarships are rewarded provided that a student maintains a 2.0 GPA for their entire stay in college.

Since Saint Louis Christian College is in partnership with the consortium of Christian Church Colleges, students have access to a large pool of distance learning courses designed to meet the needs to students facing geographical barriers. Courses can be delivered onto a CD format through the mail or they can be taken over the Internet. Class sizes, even despite the lack of physical class element, are kept small so that the instructor remains very accessible.

Tuition is rather affordable even without receiving any financial aid whatsoever. An undergraduate student would pay somewhere around $8,850 per year for full-time study, with slight price variations throughout the years. Otherwise, part-time study comes at the cost of $295 per credit hour.

A Bachelor of Arts can be earned in Preaching Ministry, Educational Ministries (with optional tracks in Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, and Discipleship & Involvement), and Intercultural & Urban Missions. A Bachelor of Science can be earned in Educational Ministries (with the same concentrations available), Intercultural & Urban Missions, Worship & Music Ministry, Preaching Ministry, and Christian Ministry.

For students that want to learn more about the Christian faith, but haven’t declared their major quite yet can earn an associate degree. Students can earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies, or an Associate of Applied Science in Intercultural & Urban Missions, Preaching Ministry, and Biblical Studies.

Generally speaking, whether the student is earning an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or just a certificate, there are crucial tenets of Christian education that are covered. Students are introduced to the Bible, its Old Testament historical records, accounts, prophets, and the life of Christ. Then students learn how to understand and apply the Bible in various contexts. This, in turn branches out to Evangelism & Discipleship with more articulate study being placed into General Epistles, Pauline Epistles, Romans, and Christian Theology.

The possibilities don’t just stop at Saint Louis Christian College because, due to its extensive partnerships and integration with neighboring Christian colleges, students can engage in cross-curricular study. Students also have ready access to an assortment of graduate schools where students can earn a Master of Divinity, or a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, per se.

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