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Saint Louis University is a private, Jesuit Catholic university that is based out of Saint Louis, Missouri. Jesuit schools are known for their particular academic rigor in that they challenge convention with a constant thirst for better answers. With the ethics and morals gained from Jesuit schooling, students evolve from scholars into leaders.

The campus is no limit to this type of education. Distance learners can become a part of Saint Louis University as well. There are online classes in virtually any subject, as well as a slew of online degree programs for bachelors and masters level enrollment. All of the following programs can be completed 100% online.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies, or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The majors of Criminal Justice, Organizational Studies, and Nursing follow the same typical format as most, with the added advantage of Jesuit teaching and quality. The General Studies program allows students to compile credits in a multidisciplinary liberal arts context. This degree can be used for a multitude of vocations or can be applied to graduate studies.

There are also graduate studies available online at Saint Louis University. A student can earn a Master of Arts in Leadership & Organizational Development or a Master of Science in Organizational Informatics. In addition, students can participate in accelerated bachelor’s to master’s programs. These programs allow students to take master’s level courses while completing their bachelor’s degree. This saves them both time and money. Accelerated programs are currently offered in the majors of Leadership & Organizational Development or Organizational Informatics.

A Jesuit education is a serious, rigorous academic pursuit and a top education costs top dollar. Per year, a full-time student pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree will pay $30,330. Per credit hour, the cost comes out to $1,060. Graduates pay just about half of that cost with education demanding $15,930 per year or $885 per credit hour.

In addition to the majors offered online, there are also minors and certificate programs. Any of the following can be earned as certificates or can be attached to a major as a minor or concentration. These are Contemporary Adult Spirituality, Contract Management, Criminal Justice, Hospitality Management, Industrial Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Project Management, Real Estate & Community Development, Sales Leadership, Security Management, Security Management Technology, and Strategic Communications.

Financial aid is pumped through the university to 89% of its students which knocks $11,703 off of each student’s yearly dues. Federal grants are accepted and applied for at Saint Louis University. 18% of students attending the university are receiving federal grants, namely Pell Grants. State and local grants supply 21% of students with tuition grants and aid based on various factors. This leaves just over half of the student body to take out loans.

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