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Saint Martin’s University is a Benedictine Catholic university of the liberal arts that is located in Lacey, Washington. Saint Martin’s is the only Benedictine university that lies west of the Rocky Mountains. Put simply, a student is embraced from day one and given guidance through their academics with success being the unrelenting goal.

Saint Martin’s uses Moodle to deliver online and blended courses for distance learning purposes. Moodle is an open source system for course management which is often used for assignments, quizzes, collecting work, grades, and virtually anything a classroom would typically address. Online courses cover the subjects of Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Economics, English, History, Mathematics, Politics, Psychology, Sociology.

Some course titles include, but are not limited to Econometrics, Survey of American Government, Chemical Dependency & Family, Sociology of Aging, Advanced Accounting, Business Law, and Corporate Finance. Any of these courses can be applied towards a particular major, although there is no mention of a complete online degree program at the university. This most likely means that online courses are meant (currently) to be used in tandem with campus study to earn a blended degree.

Saint Martin’s University offers 6 graduate programs that are all master’s level. The graduate portion of the university has seen remarkable results. At some points, over 90 percent of students coming out of Saint Martin’s graduate school received immediate employment or research opportunities. A graduate student can earn a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Civil Engineering, a Master of Education, a Master of Business Administration, or a Master in Teaching.

The Master in Teaching program deserves particular attention in that it allows graduate teaching students to earn their master’s degree while simultaneously earning their teacher certification. Students can earn a degree with an attached certification in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, or Special Education. Otherwise, the student can leave their Teaching studies generalized and later apply the degree to a specific use.

$23,810 per year is the price of an undergraduate education if the student is enrolled full-time. Otherwise, an undergraduate student can assemble a part-time schedule at $794 per credit hour. A graduate pays the same price when enrolling part-time, or otherwise pay the full-time flat rate of $9,528.

Financial aid is given by the university to 98% of it students using a variety of sources from academic scholarships to need based grant and again from the deep, Benedictine Catholic resources that formed and supplied the university all these years. The average amount of money that each student receives from the college is $11,719.

Federal grants can be accessed through FAFSA and 31% of the student body receives federal aid in any given year. State and local grants provide some aid as well as external scholarships and funding which has provided 27% of the student body on average.

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