Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Distance Learning

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a baccalaureate Roman Catholic women’s college of the liberal arts that is located near Terre Haute, Indiana. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods is the oldest Catholic college exclusively for women in the United States. The college is consistently ranked as one of the “Best Baccalaureate Colleges” in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offers a variety of distance learning options for students that are grouped into two main delivery systems: Woods External Degree and Woods Online. Either of the two programs have different advantages to them and are geared towards different distance learning crowds.

The Woods External Degree program makes use of 16 week courses over a 16 week semester. The interaction with instructors is 1 on 1 and asynchronous giving the student much more flexibility in time management. The typical course load is part-time, with only 9 credit hours being taken at a time. The WED program is best aimed at working adults and busy professionals.

Of the two, the Woods Online program is newer and more cutting-edge. In this format, the 16 week semester is instead divided into two course sessions, with courses lasting 8 weeks. The student works in tandem with other students and with the professor creating more of a traditional classroom environment. This program is designed for the younger collegiate student that can handle a full-time course load.

Available majors for the Woods Online program are Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Journalism & Media Studies, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. Available majors for the Woods External Degree program total 25 and are among Accounting, Creative Writing, Journalism, Marketing, Mathematics, Paralegal Studies and more. Through the WED program, students can earn their Bachelor of Art or Science, Teacher Licensure, Associate degree, and some post-baccalaureate equivalents.

For the Woods External Degree program, tuition per credit hour is $473. Students that want to use prior credits or expertise to opt out of courses with assessment can use APL. APL stands for Assessment of Prior Learning and costs $150 per credit hour earned. For the Woods Online Program, tuition per credit hour comes at the same rate at the WED program. The same applies for APL options.

There are grants and awards available to aid students with the cost of higher education. One such form of aid is the Corporate Connection Discount, where employees of companies partnered with Mary-of-the-Woods receive a 10% discount off of their education. Numerous external grants find their way through the university into the pockets of aspiring students that qualify.

Federal grants are dispersed to 39% of students at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Indiana Education Grants are also given to distance learners that reside in Indiana. With that aside, there subsidized and direct loans, like the Perkins loans program or the Stafford loans program.

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