Saint Mary’s College of California Distance Learning

Saint Mary’s College of California is a Roman Catholic college that is located in Moraga, California. Saint Mary’s College of California focuses on creating a true collegiate atmosphere, one that gives the intellect nourishment and space to flourish while kindling the soul with Lasallian tradition. Students learn how to question and are taught to answer.

Saint Mary’s College of California is comprised of four subsidiary schools, each with their own separate educational emphases and programs. These are the School of Economics & Business Administration, the School of Education, the School of Liberal Arts (in which the “meat” of Saint Mary’s curriculum is housed), and the School of Science. Many students can be seen commuting between schools in the same day, it depends on what academics the student has planned.

All students are taken through a liberal arts core that both allows them to see things from the perspective of other fields and propels them to use their surrounding knowledge to their advantage. Some fields that can be pursued at Saint Mary’s are Business Administration, Chemistry, Education, Accounting, Psychology, Physics, and many more.

The Integral Program at Saint Mary’s College of California deserves special attention because it functions much like a college within a college. In this program students become multi-disciplinary and learn to think scientifically, poetically, mathematically, etc. The education that is gained from this program is that of intrinsic reason; seeing the interconnections between studies and schools of thought.

The price of Saint Mary’s College of California is a premium one, although, the quality certainly matches. An undergrad student will pay $33,100 per year if they are consistently enrolled full-time, term to term. The cost of a credit hour is $1,181 by itself for undergraduates. Graduates see a slight drop in price with yearly dues reaching an even $30,000 per year with individual credit hours costing $938 a piece.

74% of students on campus don’t have to pay the full price of a Saint Mary’s College tuition fee. That is because they receive direct financial aid contributions from the university itself. The mean amount received for each student is $18,370. Federal grants fill out some gaps with 24% of the student populace receiving an average of $4,200 in total federal aid per year. State and local sources contribute to the payment of tuition for 22% of Saint Mary’s students.

Generally, a student enrolled at Saint Mary’s College of California will major somewhere within the Liberal Arts, although there has been increasing and wide interest for Business Administration & Management. With a school devoted entirely to that particular area of study, the interest in this field has been met with great quality. In this school, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and an switchable Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Economics.

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