Saint Mary’s College of Maryland Distance Learning

Saint Mary’s College of Maryland is a public liberal arts college that, contrary to what the name implies, is a secular college located in Saint Mary’s City, Maryland. Saint Mary’s College isn’t just a college with a subsidiary Honors program, it is an entire Honors college. In recognition of the quality and rigor of Saint Mary’s College, Maryland designated the school by law as Maryland’s official Honors college.

Distance learning is not currently available over the net from Saint Mary’s College of Maryland. This does not deter the possibility of there being distance learning later on in the slightest. As an Honors college, Saint Mary’s College of Maryland will eventually introduce Honors level distance education that will pull in bright minds from all over the United States.

Saint Mary’s College of Maryland is the, repeating, the top-ranked traditional public liberal arts college in all of the United States, as distinguished by the U.S. News & World Report. At Saint Mary’s College, education is modeled after innovative academics that focus on intellect, comprehension, and perspective. The Core Curriculum teaches students to inquire in a multitude of fashions, not just their own personal cocktail. From there, students use these modes of inquiry to learn the fundamental liberal arts skills.

This college is notably for serious students that aren’t simply taking courses to land themselves in law school or in a high-paying career. This college is for students that truly want to learn the mechanics and relationships of major fields of knowledge and development. In turn, academics are far-reaching, unusual, and effective.

A notable feature of the college is that students can engage in cross-disciplinary study. Some students have created cross-disciplinary pairs like Biology-Music, History-Political Science, Neuroscience-African Diaspora Studies, and many other unusual, yet profound combinations that have led to the true enlightenment that college is meant to deliver. Students can multi-major, multi-minor, even generalize their studies and entirely customize their course of study.

All students at Saint Mary’s College of Maryland complete a capstone project following their honors studies. This project is completed over the course of a year with the guidance and mentoring of a faculty member. This project can range from a research endeavor to a creative artistic expression; it may include experience earned in internships or even a video documentary. The point is that students can articulate their intellect, knowledge, and passion in one project.

Undergraduate students that reside in the state of Maryland will pay $10,472 per year for their education, should they enroll full-time. Out of state undergraduates pay $21,322 per year for full-time education, whereas out of state graduates pay the same rate as in state graduates, who pay the same rate as in state undergraduates. For a top school, these prices are very affordable, especially for Maryland residents.

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