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Saint Mary’s College is a Catholic women’s college based in liberal arts curricula that is located in Notre Dame, Indiana. This college is a closely knit community in which women of common interests have the chance to thrive in a single-sex environment. Women at Saint Mary’s learn from top scholars, researchers, and professionals that have a passion for teaching.

Saint Mary’s College has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as being one of the top 100 National Liberal Arts Colleges. Student to faculty ratio is very personalized, at 11 to 1. In essence, women are submersed in an environment exclusively for their purposes and where information is accessible and expansive. A controlled, focused environment has been clinically shown time after time to breed higher academic success.

Unfortunately, Saint Mary’s College does not currently offer distance learning capabilities. This does not mean, however, that distance learning won’t be available soon. Saint Mary’s College focuses on maintaining an optimal women’s environment that is spiritual and inspiring. It is not a matter of if but when Saint Mary’s will bring that experience to the Internet.

Women have access to an onslaught of academic options designed with flexibility and pertinence in mind. There are traditional studies available, like History, French, Music, and English Literature. There are scientific majors, like Biology, Chemistry, Computational Mathematics, and Psychology. There are even pre-professional programs that prepare the student for matriculation into graduate schools for Law, Medicine, Dentistry, and Allied Health.

There are no graduate programs at Saint Mary’s College, only undergraduate and pre-graduate programs. Undergraduate tuition rates come at $27,600per year for full-time enrollment. Part-time students will end up paying $1,091 per credit hour, should they not fall within the 12-15 credit hour per term bracket.

Teaching students can earn their Primary or Secondary Certification in Art, Biology, French, Bilingual Bicultural Education, Music, and many more topics. An innovative program at Saint Mary’s derives from a partnership with Notre Dame University. In this program, students can earn a Bachelor of Arts at Saint Mary’s while earning an Engineering degree in Chemical, Computer Science, Electrical, Environmental Geosciences, or Mechanical Engineering at Notre Dame University.

Saint Mary’s College makes use of philanthropic and Catholic resources to supply studious women with grants for each academic year. 87% of Saint Mary’s College students receive this grant and with the average amount totaling $11,672. 14% of all students receive federal grants, which is the first financial aid source a distance learner should look for.

Saint Mary’s College isn’t all about classes. There are distinct centers designed to address certain aspects of the community. The Center for Academic Innovation makes faculty research, teaching grants and other sources of funding available. There are many ways to get involved at the college, and not just through matriculation.

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