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Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is a private university that shares affiliations with the Roman Catholic Church and is located in Winona, Minnesota. Liberal arts education is the foundation of a Saint Mary’s University education, with graduate programs and professional programs adding options to the palette.

Undergraduate students can benefit from personalized attention as they progress onward through their general and specified education. With Lasallian tradition at the wheel, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota has provided a staggering array of studies in the fields of the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students can learn from fields like Studio Art, Biology Cytogenetic Technology, Biophysics, E-Business Technology, Entrepreneurship, Liturgical Music, French, Human Services and many many more. Many.

Currently, distance education is not offered through Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Distance education, however, is not a distant goal for the university. With rich and wide resources to work with, it is most probable that the university is carefully allotting its time in designing distance education to be launched in the near future. Distance learners can expect programs or classes to emerge.

There are pre-professional programs that are designed to prepare students for entryway into a specific profession or graduate school. These pre-professional programs span the range of English & Law, Pre-Chemical Engineering, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Theology, and Pre-Veterinary Science. Any of these can be said to demonstrate the highest in quality.

There are also special programs available for study. One of these is titled the English Language Bridging Program, which is a one-year program in which students who speak a different language than English primarily can have extra schooling in English. There is also considerable attention at the college that is given to high school students that would like to get ahead in college while learning in high school.

Tuition, per year, comes at the cost of $26,750 for full-time students (students that are taking 12 – 18 credits per semester). Per credit, the cost of learning at Saint Mary’s University is $895. For students in the PASS program, there is an additional fee of $2,000.

PASS stands for Path to Academic Success. This program is designed to further equip students with skills and competencies necessary to take on today’s collegiate studies. This, in turn, helps students become more independent and learn on their own without external assistance. This is achieved by taking out extra time to learn about skill-based and extracurricular studies.

Saint Mary’s University proudly states that only 2% of students on campus pay the full price of their education. 98% of students receive financial aid in the form of an annual grant that averages $9,581. Federal grants are usually received by a yearly average of 22% of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota students, while 25% of the student body receives state and/or local aid for tuition purposes.

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