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Saint Mary’s University of San Antonio is a Marianist and Catholic higher learning institution of the liberal arts that is located in San Antonio, Texas. The university supplies education that draws from Catholic faith and materializes in the form of liberal studies. Faculty is almost all full-time members that hold terminal degrees in the respective fields that they teach.

Saint Mary’s University offers an online program in the field of International Relations. This program has led to a variety of engaging collegiate study programs. Students have studied abroad to learn in-depth about international affairs, culture, and politics. There are also internships available as well as intensive study channels to supplement.

International Relations online integrates Political Science, History, Anthropology, International Law, Sociology, and Geography into a single interdisciplinary field of study. The online program offers a Master of Arts in International Relations with a focus in Security Policy. This program gives students a look at states and non-state entities that interact in the international arena as well as the history and science underlying the behavior of these entities. Students learn in courses like National Security Policy, International Political Economy, Theories on Causes of War, Asian Security Issues, Ethical Issues in International Relations and a few other 3-credit courses to complete the major.

If a student is earning their associate or bachelor’s degree, they will typically pay (with slight variations in price from semester to semester) $20,600 per year for full-time enrollment. Per credit hour, that same condition cost $640. Graduate students pay $12,006 per year if on a full-time schedule. Otherwise, they’ll pay $667 per credit hour for part-time study.

Even despite the $20,000+ per year price tag, students have little trouble financing their education. This may be because, for starters, 83% of the student body receives a grant aid package from the university, based on a variety of factors, mainly academic performance, but also on a need-basis. The mean grant amount allotted from the university is $12,147. Federal grants supply just over half of the student body with an average yearly contribution of $3,805 per student. State and local grants supply roughly the same amount, except to 81% of the student body.

Generally speaking, admission is only permitted for students that promise success in their academics in a graduate school setting. This can be pre-evaluated based on prior academic merit, experience with the major, line of work and other vicarious personality indicators. Acceptable test scores are a must before entry, otherwise the student will have to provide alternative means of evaluation if they expect to earn their master’s online from Saint Mary’s University.

There will be more distance learning programs to come, especially in the field of graduate studies. International Relations is merely a start; the university is simply evaluating the performance of this program as a model to hatch future distance learning platforms.

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