Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology Distance Learning

The Saint Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology is a product of the Saint Meinrad Archabbey and is affiliated with the Einsiedeln Abbey in Switzerland. The school of theology is located in Saint Meinrad, Indiana. Serving children of God in today’s world can be a complex task, and so the school designs its programs to be intensive, knowledgeable, and, crucially, adapted for modern application.

Students can follow a few main routes that Saint Meinrad Seminary has lined up in store. With that being established, each individual education path can, in their own individual right, be used for multiple purposes. To enroll in any particular program is as simple as declaring a general Christian direction, without necessarily declaring a major or specific goal.

Priesthood Formation is the most widely matriculated into. Saint Meinrad believes that an effective priest in today’s Chrisitan society must be prepared thoroughly in spirit, intellect, and in pastoral duties and service. Thusly, formation for diocesan and religious purposes has been incorporated into these tenets.

There is also a program for Permanent Deacons. This program was developed in response to shifting demographics in parish ministry.Dioceses, in increasing numbers, have moved to permanent diaconate in reflection of the ministerial needs of the Church. This program is designed as per the specifications of the Catholic Church and takes all factors into consideration when educating dioceses.

Lay degree programs are upheld at the ministry to give students a chance at focusing on their studies in ministry while filling their electives with lay courses. One can earn the Master of Arts or the Master of Theological Studies. This program can be pursued with online courses and completed online as well.

Since only the Master of Arts, Master of Divinity, and the Master of Theological Studies can be earned from the Seminary, the school should be considered a graduate school. Graduate students will pay $15,759 per year if they are enrolled in the masters degree programs. If the graduate student enrolls part-time, the cost is calculated by the credit hour, which costs $340.

Per semester tuition is $9,298 in the Priesthood Formation programs with a retreat fee of $420 and a spiritual formation fee of $288. There doesn’t appear to be any fees for the Permanent Deacon or general priesthood program. There are certificates offered for Supervision, and in Ecclesial Lay Ministry.

The distribution, history, and amount of financial aid that reaches Saint Meinrad School of Theology students is not known. It appears that the school is not participating in Title IV programs, nor is it accepting aid from federal sources. A student enrolling in this school will most likely have to receive financial aid from the Church or from other Christian sources. Otherwise, there may be state or local collegiate sources of financial aid to assist. The cost is reasonably affordable for any of the given programs, there is a chance that the school will cover part or all of a given student’s tuition.

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