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Saint Michael’s College is a privately funded, Catholic college with a curriculum centered around the Liberal Arts. Saint Michael’s College is known as the “happiest college on earth”, with students, faculty, and staff that are not only successful in what they do, but are in harmony with their lives. Many colleges forget that much of student’s performance lies in their personal lives, which is why Saint Michael’s College takes extra care to make a college student’s experience one of bliss.

One of the reasons that students are happy is that the college has partnerships with institutions, firms, and businesses near and far that give students rewarding employment to look forward to. Some associated names are the American Lung Association, L.L. Bean, Northwest Airlines, Ernst & Young, Aquatec Biological Services, and many more not listed here. The same fortune has spread to an array of graduate schools, where 51% of students matriculate into. Some schools that students can enroll in are Yale Divinity School, Middlebury College, Harvard University, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, and New York Law School.

Saint Micheal’s offers a select number of graduate courses installed to assist students in 5 different master’s level programs. Currently, none of the 5 degrees can be completed online, although for some programs, most of the coursework can be completed online, making it a good blended alternative to a lack of full distance programs. Masters degree programs are offered in the majors/fields of Clinical Psychology, Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

The Clinical Psychology Master’s program, for exemplary analysis, is unique in that it is conducted by a small liberal arts college while maintaining a strong saturation in applied and practicing learning. Usually students that enroll in this program work among entry-level positions in some professional field of psychology. The focus of this program lies in adult services, child services, and community mental health settings as well as in hospital behavioral health platforms and correctional or social service agencies.

The price of a Saint Michael’s College education is high, but that does not mean financing this education is difficult. An undergraduate student enrolled in a full-time course schedule will pay around $31,675 per year. Saint Michael’s College combats the high cost of premium education by allotting direct tuition grants to 83% of its students. The average amount granted is $10,890, with most students receiving a sizeable grant for their studies, few have their tuition mostly or fully paid for. This knocks average annual costs down into the $20,000/year bracket.

Graduate students can fully cover their yearly dues if they receive a direct grant, with full-time yearly dues totaling $10,670. Per credit hour, a student will pay $1,055 when learning at the undergraduate level or $485, if learning as a graduate student. 10% of the student body receives federal aid and 13% of the student body receives aid from state or local sources.

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