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Saint Norbert College is a privately funded Catholic college of the liberal arts that is located in De Pere, Wisconsin. Saint Norbert College is centered in the Norbertine tenet of communio, which draws from sincerity, faith, trust, and responsibility. Communio compels people to respond as individuals and act collectively as community citizens.

Currently, Saint Norbert College is focusing its efforts onto the surrounding community and its students on campus. Distance learning is not presently available, however, courses that can be taken online may be offered in the near future. Saint Norbert is careful to maintain superior quality and will most likely take time in constructing a program on an internet platform.

Saint Norbert is a unique college with many special academic programs that serve a multitude of purposes. One unique feature is the Killeen Chair of Theology & Philosophy. This invites well-known scholars and figures to campus to lecture to the Saint Norbert Community. The effect is that students and teachers alike stay current with fields such as psychology, biology, political science, economics, literature, and the arts.

Another unique feature of this college is that students have the chance to collaborate with their professors in Saint Norbert Collaborative. undergraduate research, creative activity, and scholarship are all part of the usual activity as students and faculty tackle inquiry with knowledge and intellect. This conducts pertinent research in addition to giving students a real-world opportunity to work in their fields.

Covering the range of standard college activity is a strong group of majors with their own individual merits. These majors are among Accounting, English, Social Work, International Business, Economics, and Classical studies. Pre-professional paths are also offered at the college in fields of Medicine, Law, Engineering, Dental, and Veterinary. Many students attend graduate school after their bachelor’s degree, so the pre-professional programs are lined with experience and successful results.

Graduate students can enroll in one of three main tracks: a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, a Master of Science in Education, or a Master of Theological Studies. The Theological Studies master’s, for one, is offered partly in effort to expand the knowledge and articulation of undergraduate students. Liberal Arts education is not one of specialization or applied ability, but is rather a general enhancer of intellect and perspective. It also has increased working students’ earning potential and has qualified some working students for promotions.

The average undergraduate student will pay $25,526 per year, which is the price of a regular full-time enrollment. For 95% of its students, Saint Norbert allots grant aid in the average amount of $11,079. Combined with the 21% of the student body receiving federal grants and the 30% of students receiving state/local grants, the average student pays less than $10,000 per year for college. Graduates can cover most, if not all of their education with financial aid offered at Saint Norbert College.

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