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Saint Olaf is a privately operated, baccalaureate college of the liberal arts that is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church and is located in Northfield, Minnesota. Saint Olaf has spent its year honing a refined liberal arts curriculum and palette of courses. The college is known best for its programs in Mathematics and Music.

The history of Saint Olaf is global in perspective, with 2/3 of the student body traveling to different countries as in integral part of their studies. This makes the college #1 for the amount of students that study abroad prior to graduating. Students have participated in exchange programs, mission tours, and various other concept-oriented travel programs.

Currently, Saint Olaf is not offering distance education programs. Rather than students enrolling at a distance, the school sends its students away it seems. In lieu of programs, however, the college does offer online courses. Although, these courses are not necessarily great enough in number to completely cover an entire major.

The college is traditionally a college of the church. Christian colleges sometimes have the tendency to instill a long held doctrine onto its students, although this is not the case at Saint Olaf. Instead, Saint Olaf provides an enabling atmosphere where students can explore their faith, personally, intellectually, even pedagogically.

The college is also one of research. Students engage in collaborative research with their professors right from their undergraduate years. Partnered research serves as an excellent teaching tool for independent research conducted later on in a student’s graduate years. In addition, the information is published and in varying, diverse fields for all to see.

The phrase frequently associated with Saint Olaf is “Education put to work.” This is because, from 1996-2005, the college ranked eighth among four-year institutions for the number of students that went on to earn their doctorate degrees. Saint Olaf ranked first in Mathematics, sixth in Life Sciences, and Fourth in Chemistry.

$34,300 is the average price for a year of full-time study for undergraduate students. A student could otherwise pay $1,075 per credit hour for part-time education. Saint Olaf offers a considerable amount of financial aid to 82% of students that attend each year on average. The average amount received by these students is $14,537, which can combine with federal aid and state loan aid to lower the typical yearly dues to between $10,000 and $20,000.

12% of the student body receives federal aid and usually in high amount, relative to other colleges. State and local sources supply an additional 14% of students with grants and awards based on a variety of factors, mainly a need-basis, but also for academic achievement, or merit. This leaves just over half of the student body to take out student loans. For a high-caliber college that is privately funded, these monetary contributions make education relatively easy to finance.

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