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Saint Paul’s College is a historically African-American college that is located in Lawrenceville, Virginia. The college has a history of providing countless students with rewarding employment through higher education. The basis of Saint Paul’s College education lies in two-year programs based in the liberal arts and sciences as well as technical and vocational programs designed to train students and get them hired.

At Saint Paul’s, students earn from a wide selection of Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Sciences degrees. Programs are mainly related to Business, Computer Science, Manufacturing Technology, Health & Service, and Language, as well as having a good selection in the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Distance learning programs are not on the menu for this year. There has been concentrated attention from students and the community to provide distance education for learners facing geographical barriers. As a two-year college teaching at the associate degree level, it should be easy for Saint Paul’s to introduce classes and complete online programs. It is merely a matter of time, not circumstances.

Saint Paul’s offers students an affordable alternative to earning an associate degree at an expensive college or university. An average student that is learning at a full-time rate will typically pay $11,880 per year, before financial aid. Per credit hour, courses and programs stack up part-time at $495.

Students have more options for schooling with the advent of Saint Paul’s College’s Continuing Education department. Here students can enroll in open courses for credit and without credit. Some Continuing Education options include, Aesthetic Laser Technician Training, Business Planning, Leadership/Managment, Lean-Flow Certification for Health Care, Mariner’s Academy, Motorcycle Training, and Solar Installer Certificate Training. There are many more options to pick from; the options listed are meant to display the diversity.

Saint Paul’s also offers Customized Training for Businesses, Industries, and Government work. For employees that want to gain enabling, technical skills and various organizations that want to install a training or debriefing program or session, this is the program to turn to. This also is a testament to Saint Paul’s continual involvement with the community and neighboring institutions.

With 57% of the student body receiving direct aid from the college itself, the average amount actually paid for tuition is significantly lowered. The average amount received by each of these qualifying students is $3,550 per year. Federal grants are allotted to 75% of the student body, with amounts mostly exceeding $3,000. State and local sources (thanks to the college’s networked partnerships) contribute to 77% of students. With these combined sources, students pay well under $10,000 per year on average for their education.

Overall, Saint Paul’s College is an affordable alternative to more exclusive and premium colleges. It is also a frequented platform for vocational and professional training, especially for working adults that are going back to school and increasing their earning potential.

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