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Saint Petersburg College is a four-year public college located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Saint Petersburg gives options to students of all backgrounds: adult learners, freshman, sophomores, professionals, trained individuals, etc. As a four-year institution, Saint Petersburg offers associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Saint Petersburg makes use of standard internet resources with which modern students are comfortable with, but also makes use of advanced software for specific applications. Students feel at home (literally) when taking online courses because there is nothing complicated about Saint Petersburg’s online programs. Despite learning at a distance, students still have ready access to their instructors as well as various support services designed to kept distance learning running smoothly.

There is a staggering array of online degree and certificate programs offered at Saint Petersburg. Students can earn a Bachelor of Applied Science in the majors of Banking, Business Administration, Dental Hygiene, Health Services Administration, International Business, Management & Organizational Leadership, Public Safety Administration and more majors not listed here. There is also a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

There online certificates available for such fields and studies as Advanced Technical Certificate in Critical Care, Fire Inspector I & II, Fire Officer I & II, Sepsis Awareness & Education, Veterinary Hospital Management, and Crime Scene Technology. Associate of Science degrees can be earned in Emergency Administration & Management, Funeral Services, Healthcare Informatics, Medical Laboratory Technology, and more.

Online courses can also be taken individually; one of the main benefits of online education is flexibility and it doesn’t have to apply to just scheduling. Some students have engaged in part-time independent study for freshening up some skills or even to later declare a major, then go on to earn their degree. A student is the ultimate decider in their education plan.

Tuition and fees are calculated by the credit hour. For Florida residents, a credit hour costs $94.08 for online enrollment and, for Non-Florida residents, tuition is $341.64 per credit hour. The fees listed are for the associate degree and certificate programs. For bachelor’s degree programs, the cost per credit hour is $101.73 for residents of Florida, and $391.94 for non-residents.

Federal grants are given to 34% of students at Saint Petersburg College with the average amount granted being around $3,000. Grant amount depends on Expected Family Contribution, mainly, but $3,000 is the average amount awarded. 41% of students receive grants, awards, and benefits for tuition purposes and in minor amounts.

Through a variety of academic, philanthropic, and alumni resources, the college offers 27% of its students direct contribution for tuition purposes. The average amount received through this source is $1,136 per year.

With financial aid being awarded to cover the already low cost of tuition, some students don’t have to pay for their education at all. Other students benefit from having a significant financial load lifted off of their backs. Only 17% of students resort to student loans.

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