Saint Thomas Aquinas College Distance Learning

Saint Thomas Aquinas College is a baccalaureate liberal arts college that was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill and is located in Sparkill, New York. There are over 97 majors, minors, and concentrations available to choose from. 2,700 students in any given year call Saint Thomas Aquinas College home, making the college mid-sized.

Saint Thomas Aquinas College offers a single online degree program in Business Administration. This program leads to the conferring of a Master of Business Administration and can be completed with options for several concentrations. All courses are online which enables working adults and busy professionals to complete their degree without setting foot on campus.

Quality, between online and on-campus courses, is kept consistent. The coursework completed for the online MBA and its brick-and-mortar counterpart is exactly the same, with the exception of delivery method. Blackboard is the software tool that is used for operating the program and has been used across the board for colleges and universities all across the United States.

Tuition is calculated per course, as each course covers three credits. For one course the cost is $2,160, for two courses, the cost is $4,320, so on and so forth. The online program offers discounts for MBA Partnership Companies & Institutions, and Alumni. For MBA Partners the price of a course drops to $1,836, the same goes for alumni. For MBA partner students that are also alumni, there is a double discount, dropping the price per course to $1,728.

Saint Thomas Aquinas College has been repeatedly recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a Top-Tier University. It’s no question that the college has maintained quality over the years and continues to uphold it. Students enrolling online experience no drop or difference in quality as the college has taken care to make sure an online experience is a formidable one.

Adding to the college’s benefits is its continual involvement with keeping students motivated, happy, and achieving. This is accomplished using anything from Academic Services to Counseling Psychology to give students the support and atmosphere that lets them reach their goals.

Help doesn’t just mean academic help, 75% of the student body receives financial contributions directly from the Saint Thomas Aquinas College itself. The average amount granted is $7,020 per year for the average student. Some students have even had their education fully sponsored by the college.

Federal aid reaches 24% of the student body with a contribution that averages $3,400 per year. State grants supply 40% of students each year with an average amount of $3,000 per student with some contributions fro local aid sources.

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