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Saint Thomas University is a privately operated Roman Catholic university that is located in Miami Gardens, Florida. Saint Thomas University features schools of Law, Engineering, Science, Technology, Business & Leadership, as well as Theology and Biscayne College. Saint Thomas is in the midst of change, with new facilities opening and new opportunities springing up for undergraduates and graduates alike.

Saint Thomas University does offer some online courses to aid students with a busy schedule as well as for flexibility reasons. Courses can be taken online by anyone from an on-campus full-time student, to a commuting part-time graduate. Class range is limited and doesn’t cover an entire course of study. Thusly, there are currently no distance learning programs, although, with the university’s rapid expansion, a program is likely to appear soon.

Generally speaking, Saint Thomas University is comprised of 6 subsidiary schools. Biscayne College offers degrees in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Humanities, while the School of Business offers all business-related majors, like Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Management, etc. The School of Law offers LL.M. and J.D. degrees as well as a dual degree J.D./M.B.A. program with concentration options in Accounting, International Business, and Sports Administration.

The School of Leadership Studies covers a broader range of Organizational aspects that go beyond the bounds of business. This means students can engage in Organizational Leadership, General Leadership Studies, Educational Leadership, etc. The School of Science, Technology & Engineering Management offers degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Engineering. This leaves the School of Theology & Ministry, which grants degrees in Theology, Ministry, and Religious Studies at the bachelor’s level, the master’s level, and the doctoral level.

There are many options when exploring the schools and colleges that make up the university. Put simply, the university has a level of quality that is hard to compete with, at least regionally. All of this ties into the university’s commitment to Catholic tradition and service giving students outlets on all fronts, intellectual, spiritual, personal, physical, and so on

A typical undergrad student enrolling at Saint Thomas University will pay $20,664 per year, if they elect to engage in full-time study. Financing an education over $20,000/year can be difficult for many, which is why the university makes a generous contribution to 97% of its students. This 97% receives an average of $8,692 each, and this is on a yearly basis.

Then stack on all other forms of financial aid. Over half of the student body makes use of federal aid, mainly Pell Grants, but also Stafford Loans, and other contributions. Floridian state resources supply 75% of the student body with grants and awards for tuition purposes. These grants/awards can be based on a variety of factors, but all of them depend on a measure of academic achievement, and with most, a level of need-based philanthropy.

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