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Saint Vincent College is a baccalaureate college set in Benedictine Catholic tradition that offers curricula mainly in the Liberal Arts. Saint Vincent is located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The college has been repeatedly recognized by a variety of analytical readers, like U.S. News & World Report and National Review College Guide to America’s Top Liberal Arts Colleges.

Saint Vincent offers studies mainly rooted in four-year programs with select graduate studies. In addition, there are opportunities for collaborative learning, continuing education, outreach programs, and some special programs. As a Benedictine college, Saint Vincent promotes Catholic ethics while offering the academic, personal, and spiritual support that students turn to for success.

Currently, Saint Vincent doesn’t support a distance learning or online learning platform. There are many choices and options for students to engage in study, and the college is likely to introduce a distance education platform soon. This will most likely emerge in the form of a degree completion program, or a graduate program resulting in an master’s degree.

The list of majors that undergraduates have access to spans row after row after row. Between the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics, & Government, the School of Social Sciences, Communication, & Education, and several other subsidiary institutions, majors include some of the following: Business Education, Biochemistry, Occupational Therapy, Arts Administration, French, German, Italian, Anthropology, Psychology, and a variety of other majors set to break 100 in number — if they haven’t already.

The college doesn’t just run the course of standard education, however. Students can opt out of the boring, regular course of studies and engage in the “Challenge Program”, an academic boot camp in the summer that draws the best, brightest, and most talented high school students poised to enter college soon. There is also the Common Texts Project, which is a multidisciplinary collaborative that examines classical texts from a variety of perspectives, materialized in the form of concurrent courses.

To enroll in Saint Vincent College, an undergraduate student will pay approximately $24,620, as per current rates, if they decide to study full-time. Part-time study comes at the cost of $770 per credit hour. Graduate students experience a steep price drop, with a full-time year’s worth of tuition costing only 9,126 per year. This, in turn, has attracted graduate students from all around Florida and in the United States and has fueled the churning pot of academia that keeps the college alive with intelligence.

Students falling into the undergraduate bracket need not fear the process of financing their education. 97% of students at the college receive direct financing from the college itself in the form of a grant. The average grant amount is $11,980 which, combined with federal and state aid sources, lowers the average amount actually paid per year to around and under $10,000 per year. Graduates often don’t have to pay for their tuition.

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