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Salem College is a women’s liberal arts college that is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Although Salem College is a women’s college, men are accepted in graduate programs and at the Fleer Center adult student program. Salem College focuses on careful, focused learning and accomplishes this with far-reaching liberal arts academics and a student to faculty ratio of 11 to 1.

Salem College, in the United States, is the 13th oldest college. Students at Salem College can earn a Bachelor Arts, a Bachelor of Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, as well as two master’s degrees in Education fields, the Master in the Art of Teaching and the Master of Education.

A unique feature of Salem College is the Quality Enhancement Plan. This plan takes students through a senior course that merges disciplines of many different backgrounds. During this course students compile research, perspective, and knowledge in a collaborative project. The goal of this project is to tackle a question pertaining to today’s society and answer with a capstone project. This project comes after the “Salem Signature”.

The Salem Signature is the term referring to Salem College’s general education curriculum which is fortified with the college’s unique academics. The Salem Signature is an improved take on general education that introduces students to the liberal arts as well as intellectual perspective that aids students (proven with results) in their progression in the workforce, graduate school, and throughout their academic journeys.

There disciplinary courses and interdisciplinary courses. This allows students to cover the basics while accomplishing the true essentials of a liberal arts core, and that is to explore other fields and integrate them into one’s own. All of the various Salem Signature courses are designed to kindle academic skills while opening doors to different pathways as the student picks one that is best for her.

Courses, of any kind, in any program, will currently have to be taken on campus. Although the college is one of many opportunities, online or distance learning has yet to join these ranks. What is certain is that Salem College is focused on providing young women opportunities to empower themselves with higher education. This certainly won’t stop them from reaching across the Web in the near future to women facing financial or geographical barriers.

For students with financial barriers, there is help, however. 93% of Salem College’s students are receiving direct financial aid from the college and in generous amount. The average grant amount is $13,778. This does well to cover most of a student’s yearly dues, which is $20,075 per year for full-time undergraduate study.

Graduates, on the other hand pay a mere $5,058 per year when enrolling full-time, or $281 per credit hour, for part-time study. Graduate students, more often than not, have their tuition covered with some form of financial aid. With the combination of federal, state, local, alumni, institutional, and external aid, many undergraduate students have their tuition covered also.

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