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Samford University is a university that is affiliated with the Alabama Baptist Convention and is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Samford University bases everything off of a core foundation of Christian values and belief. It is the simple inspiration of God and the Spirit that drives all inhabitants of the university in unison towards a common, Christian goal.

Online education is offered solely through the subsidiary Cumberland College of Law. Fortunately, the Cumberland College of Law sports one of the regions widest range of online classes. As per regulations of the American Bar Association, a law degree cannot be completely earned online. However, most of the coursework can be completed online, followed by a brief residency to fill out the remaining credits and sit for the Bar Examination.

One of the advantages of the online program is the Flex-time option. This option reduces the course load to a minimum of 8 credit hours taken per semester and a maximum of 9. The Flex-time option is optimal for non-traditional students and busy professionals that need a flexible schedule. Hence the coined term “flex-time”.

Cumberland College of Law offers a variety of programs leading to the Master of Law and the Juris Doctor. There is also the option of enrolling in one of the college’s joint programs that pairs a Juris Doctor with a Master’s degree in another major. Some options, to list the variety, include the Juris Doctor/Master of Accountancy, the Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration, the Juris Doctor/Master of Divinity, and the Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration. There are unique, interdisciplinary degrees that empower a student to operate beyond litigation, consultation, and the standard rapsheet of legal practice. Entrepreneurs can be their own lawyers, Divinity majors can argue God in Court, Accountants can double their usefulness with knowledge in Business Law, etc.

Altogether, Samford University has done well to offer programs that take great care in their operations. Christian students have scarcely before had access to so many opportunities in higher education. Beyond that, Samford University is a humming center of opportunity, scholarship, and academics.

Note should be taken that 69% of the student body (on average) receives financial aid directly from the university itself, and in generous amount. This has contributed in part to reducing the average amount actually paid for tuition. The average amount received by the aforementioned 69% is $10,049 per year. Federal grant aid is fully applicable and can be accessed as simply as filling out a FAFSA..

Scholarships and academic awards are allotted to students that display good academic achievement, to students that have gained merit in the Christian community, and even to students that haven’t had good fortune in the ways of finance. State sources also contribute to the university’s students, but to 26% and not in high amount. Nevertheless it is offered and every bit of financial aid counts.

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