Samuel Merritt University Distance Learning

Samuel Merritt University is a school housed within a hospital that focuses in Nursing education. The university is located in Oakland, California. Students can learn about Basic Sciences, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Podiatric Medicine. Samuel Merritt is a cooperative partner with such neighboring institutions as Saint Mary’s College of California, Holy Names University, Mills College, and Notre Dame de Namur University.

With Nursing as the university’s primary focus, it is suitable that the university offer an online program in Nursing. Such a program exists and leads to the conferring of the Doctor of Nursing Practice. This program can be completed 100% online, allowing busy graduates and non-traditional graduate students an opportunity to participate in a quality education program from the comfort of an environment best suited for them.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program focuses its admissions on Registered Nurses that have received a Master of Science in Nursing. The design of the program allows these nurses to continue running a full-time work schedule while participating in an program that both furthers their studies and increases their earning potential. The DNP spans 36 credits and requires a thesis.

Employers, hospitals, and research facilities are increasingly recognizing the quality of this program. This is because serious professionals, sporting credentials like DNP, PNP-BC, FNP, MSN, CRNA, etc, all contributed to this rapidly growing branch of online study. Students enrolling online certainly won’t feel any less involved than students that are earning their doctorate degree in the hospital facility itself. There are only 120 DNP programs nationwide, making this online offering a rare opportunity.

At Samuel Merritt University, the cost of tuition reflects its quality and, naturally, both of them are high. The annual due for a typical graduate education at the university is $31,825, with individual credit hours costing $877 a piece. Financing an education that rests above $30,000 per year can be difficult in the cases of many students, even graduates. Thankfully, Samuel Merritt is heavily vested in philanthropy (being a Nursing school, after all) and provides 89% of its students with direct financial aid, in the form of grants.

An advantage of Samuel Merritt University is that the school is a direct appendage of the Sutter Health Network and the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. This gives the university access to the best and brightest practicing professionals within the various medical subjects it teaches. Also, students earning their graduate degrees in various fields are immersed directly in hospital center that is a large scale employer. Students have plenty of access to rewarding careers in the medical professions.

Additional funding is given to 22% of the student body via federal aid sources. This is accomplished with FAFSA. Another 22% of students benefits from state aid contributions and local grants for tuition purposes. Either of these two grant sources award somewhere above $3,000 per student.

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